History & Future | Plastika Skaza d.o.o.

History & Future


The Skaza company’s story began in 1977 – in the garage. The areas in which the first production was launched have increased 44-fold within a few decades. We started with 350 m2 and today we operate at more than 15,400 m2; we employ 50 times as many people and operate with the state-of-the-art machinery.


We are expecting the future with a bold vision, excellent skills and capabilities.

Decades of development

< 2027

On the threshold of a decade of bold visions

The Skaza company will be a leading partner in the field of the innovative new generation plastic products! In addition to high-quality products, the company will provide reliable and future-oriented integrated services.

< 2012

Work area: 3.810 m²
Technological equipment: 44 machines
Number of employees: 180
Achievements: Own brands Organko, Bokashi Organico, Cuisine, ISO 9001: 2008 certificate (quality management system).


A decade of growth

Work area: 3,810 m²
Technological equipment: 38 machines
Number of employees: 93
Achievements: The completion of a 1,100 m² hall (production and administrative part), the use of 2K technology, ISO 1400: 2004 certificate (environmental management system).

< 2004

Work area: 2,000 m²
Technological equipment: 23 machines
Number of employees: 85
Achievements: The establishment of departments of quality, technology, procurement, HR, warehousing and logistics; Tanja Skaza joins the company.

< 2000

Work area: 1,520 m²
Technological equipment: 20 machines
Number of employees: 42
Achievements: The completion of the hall with 230 m² surface area; son, Igor Skaza, joins the company.

< 1991

Work area: 150 m² + 200 m²
Technological equipment: 10 machines
Number of employees: 12
Achievements: Renewed production facilities.

< 1985

Work area: 150 m²+ 200 m²
Technological equipment: 5 machines
Number of employees: 6
Achievements: Growth and development – from the garage workshop to a production company.