Mar 29, 2021 by Plastika Skaza

Bokashi Organko meets influencers around Europe

Bokashi around the world

Saving the planet and leaving a healthy world for future generations is our biggest goal. We manage It by spreading the good word to the farthest regions and places. How? With influencers.

This year, we decided to go wild. And when we say wild, we really mean it. We decided to expand the true awareness about the sustainable bio-waste management in all of you. We want us all to think about our habits and question our movements that do not go towards more sustainable actions.

More than 150 influencers… for now

Right now, more than 150 influencers all over Europe follow and support our mission of saving the planet. They use our Bokashi Organko composters regularly and are more and more fascinated about their versatile usage. The idea that they can return to nature what it gave them is surreal. And the fact that this is so simple and can be integrated into their everyday life is inspiring.


Influencers and Bokashi Organko 9-1 Influencers and Bokashi Organko 3-1 Influencers and Bokashi Organko 10-1


In just 2 weeks, with our influencers who love the sustainable lifestyle, respect environmentally-friendly actions, and are passionate gardeners, we combined more than 560.000 followers and reached more than 80.000 different people. Can you believe it? More than 560.000 followers have a chance to find out all the advantages of composting at home and have a possibility to see Bokashi Organko in action.

How thrilled we are to know that soon, all Europe (not just Europe, the world!) will know the good story about our Bokashi Organko composters. Gardeners, green-, eco- and city-lovers will discover that home composting can be as easy as pie and, last but not least, environmentally-friendly.

Influencers and Bokashi Organko 8 Influencers and Bokashi Organko 1 Influencers and Bokashi Organko 4-1


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