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Essential garden tools & gadgets for sustainable gardening

Composting in everyday life

Having your own garden is great and it comes with many benefits. However, it also requires a rather high level of commitment and time devotion. Even more so if you are environmentally conscious. As such, you need to grab every possible opportunity to make things easier on yourself. With that in mind, we decided to help you out with this article, where we will present you with essential garden tools for sustainable gardening.

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Of course, you will still need to do the gardening work (or hire a gardener), however, it will save you the time you’d otherwise spend researching to determine which are essential gardening tools for sustainable gardening. Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Essential Gardening Tools 101 [The Sustainable Way]

As the title suggests, we will focus on gardening tools and gadgets for sustainable gardening. Since we assume that you already have some basic idea regarding the tools that are essential for all kinds of gardening, you are most likely on the right track.

Of course, sustainable gardening uses more or less the same tools. However, it is important to go with the options that are environmentally friendly (or at least friendlier). In most cases, this means that you choose the tools made from natural or recyclable materials. Moreover, choosing the highest possible quality of garden tools and gadgets is also very important. That way, they last longer, which results in you not throwing them away after the first season. This is already contributing towards a more sustainable approach. And while it may be more expensive to buy high-quality tools, you often actually save money in the long run since they will last for years. In addition, there are some “secret weapons” that have the power to take your sustainable gardening to the next level. And surely you can count on us to let you know what these are.

Below is a list of the essential gardening tools and gadgets you need to have if you were to become a sustainable gardener. As mentioned above, some might be rather obvious, while others ought to create an ‘AHA’ moment for you.

Essential garden tools Weeding Fork, Trowel, SecateursPruning Shears, Shovel, and Pitchfork

Seed Trays & Pots

Basically, all gardeners need containers in which they can put their seeds and seedlings. If your garden has herbs, fruits, and vegetables, you will want to have a wide range of sizes. The fundamental trick here is to stay away from the plastic trays and pots. First of all, plastic doesn’t perform well when exposed to the sun, thus it tends to crack. Secondly, plastic seed trays and pots are normally not recyclable.

With that in mind, make sure to go for a sustainable option offered by biodegradable all-natural peat pots. Those can be composted as well. Moreover, terracotta pots are also a good solution for situations that require more sturdiness.

In some cases, it may be impossible to avoid purchasing seedlings and plants without plastic trays or pots. In such situations, you can be more sustainable by ensuring to reuse those items as much as possible.

Aside from trays and pots, there are also envelopes, jars, and other containers for your seed. It goes the same for them - use options with sustainable materials.

Garden Hose

Water is life! This is true for us, for animals, as well as for plants. As such, you will need to ensure that they get enough of this basic nutrient. Aside from obtaining a hose of appropriate length for your needs, you need to pay attention to its material. Unfortunately, there are many PVC hoses that contain toxic chemicals. On top of that, they also do not break down easily, nor are they recyclable. Luckily, there are also many hoses made from natural rubber, which is a much more sustainable option. However, it is also a bit more sensitive solution - do not keep it out in the sun.

On top of choosing the right garden hose material, also make sure that all your valves are tight and leak-free. The last thing you want is to waste precious water.

Watering Can

In many situations, a garden hose will not do the trick and you’ll need a watering can. Here you should do your best to avoid buying a new plastic watering can. Instead, get/buy a used one (trust us, there are many of them) or go with a non-plastic alternative. Moreover, you can get creative and find an item already in your home that may serve as a watering can.

Plant Identification Tags

If you are serious about your gardening, you definitely need a proper system that will help you tag and identify the seeds you’ve sowed. Even the most experienced gardeners tend to use some sort of labeling. While they do not need help with identifying the plants, they surely need a reminder about when to plant the next crop. Again, the solution is to avoid plastic garden labels. Instead, go with natural options, such as wooden, steel, copper, or bamboo ones.

Essential garden tools: Weeding Fork, Trowel, Secateurs/Pruning Shears, Shovel, and Pitchfork

These are essential gardening tools. They help you prepare the soil and take care of the garden once plants start to grow. They are normally made of stainless steel, however, the handles can sometimes be made of plastic. To be sustainable, go with the ones that have wooden handles or natural rubber ones. On top of that, make sure not to be leaving your tools out in the sun and rain. With proper storage, they will last much longer. Furthermore, ensure to go for the tools of the highest quality possible.

Support for Tall Plants

There are many vine-like plants that require some additional support. For that purpose, using wooden or bamboo stakes is the way to go. You can also make your own wooden trellis if you have any old wooden pallets. The most important thing here is to stay away from plastic or other synthetic options.


When using stakes, you will need to use twines to ties the plants in place. While nylon or other synthetic twines may offer a practical solution, make sure to go with natural options instead. Unlike synthetic ones, these ones will biodegrade when they fall on your garden.  

Essential garden tools - Bokashi Organko composters

Compost [4-in-1 Composting Solution]

Compost by itself may not be a tool, however, it surely is a trick that you need to exploit to achieve sustainable gardening. It is an extremely powerful technique of ensuring that your organic waste serves a higher purpose by keeping it in the loop. Now, the size of your compost pile may vary, depending on your garden size, however, there is an actual tool that every gardener needs to consider. Whether you are an urban or rural gardener, you should consider Bokashi Organko 1.

This is a special kind of portable compost that will take your gardening to the next level. It is designed in a way to speed up the fermentation process and ensure that you have a high-quality soil builder at your disposal. Moreover, it also produces the fermentation liquid, which may be used as a natural fertilizer or an organic drain cleaner. All-in-all, this surely is one of the essential garden tools for sustainable gardening. As such, it is also one of those “secret weapons” we talked about at the beginning.

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