Oct 11, 2021 by Plastika Skaza

Positive effects of Bokashi fermentation liquid on plants

Bokashi guide for beginners

By now, you probably know everything there is to know about home composting with our convenient Bokashi bins. As we talked a lot on our blog, Bokashi composting is an easy way to manage your kitchen or garden bio-waste while producing beneficial fermentation liquid and pre-compost simultaneously.

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All you need to do is collect kitchen leftovers and put them in your Bokashi compost bin layer by layer. Don’t forget to sprinkle special bokashi bran between each of them, since it adds effective microorganisms to the equation, which are crucial for kick-starting the fermentation of organic waste. The final result should be a nutritious pre-compost mass and fermentation liquid.

Collect the fermentation liquid regularly

When can I use the fermentation liquid?

While you need to seal your Bokashi composter after the last layer is added and wait two weeks before you can take out the fermented mass to bury it into your garden soil, the special fermentation liquid is available much sooner.

It would help if you actually drained out the fermentation liquid regularly. If you forget to take it out, the microorganisms will consume the nutrients very quickly, which will cause pathogenic organisms to multiply and produce an unpleasant smell. To avoid these smells, you need to drain it out every two to three days.

Use Bokashi liquid to clean your kitchen sink drain

Because of the advantageous EM technology, the collected fermentation liquid can be used to clean your kitchen sink drain in a very natural way, without aggressive detergents. You simply pour it down the drain and let the effective microorganisms do their job. One of their main tasks is to help decompose the root chemicals of odors and stains, which will further prevent dirt from accumulating. EM will then travel to the sewer system and from there into nature, providing some much-needed balance, which will benefit all living species.

Use Bokashi liquid to clean your kitchen sink drain

Positive effects of fermentation liquid on plants

Another way of using fermentation liquid is to dilute it with water and add it to your balcony plants or even crops. Research has shown a significant effect on plant growth, yield and quality when fertilized with Bokashi liquid.

According to the results of the research conducted at the University of Chittagong, plants that underwent Bokashi treatment grew higher, had more branches and even larger leaf sizes. Most importantly, adding fermentation liquid significantly improved the yield of crops and numerous quality indicators.

Adding fermentation liquid significantly improves the yield of crops

Some research has shown that adding Bokashi liquid is effective and useful in creating environmental conditions to support optimum maize growth. Improvement of the soil’s physical properties is also a clear result of this treatment.

As you can see, adding fermentation liquid to your crops can truly improve their quality and yield. Therefore, we can conclude that home composting is not just a great way of managing your bio-waste, which can be reduced by as much as 25 %, but is also an easy way to get yourself a natural and effective fertilizer. This is how you can become part of the great sustainable cycle where giving back to nature is as easy as taking from it.


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