Sep 30, 2020 by Plastika Skaza

Prevention of breast cancer with Skaza

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Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, therefore an extremely important public health problem. The number of cases has been growing in the last years, so it is crucial that we all act as preventively as we can. In Skaza, we will be launching a prevention campaign in October, with the hopes that it will increase awareness of the issue.
The goal of the campaign is to build prevention awareness, which is crucial in the fight against breast cancer. For this purpose, we created the pink Bokashi Organko, which is becoming a symbol of health, and simply with its appearance and color, shows its association with this disease.
The pink Bokashi Organko is not only a symbol associated with health but also contains a deeper essence – it enables people to live a better and healthier life. By using Bokashi composters, we not only work proactively, but are also provided with healthy, organic, and home-grown food (thanks to their side-products), that is better for the health of the individual than the industrially-grown alternative.
Bokashi composting is composting that also has a beneficial effect on Mother Nature, as it is less harmful to the environment compared to traditional composting. If we need to answer the question of what kind of planet we want to live on, and what kind of world we want to leave to our descendants, we believe that there is no doubt in which direction we will go. We have to change the planet and our habits with small steps – shall we start right now, at home?
To make prevention even more holistic, we have broadened the pink offer for your kitchen counter. In addition to the pink Bokashi Organko, we also offer the Bokashi Organko Squeeze Pink set, which includes a composter, lemon squeezer, cups, and a jug. All in a pleasant pink color that will brighten up your home and constantly remind you of the prevention that is crucial in breast cancer.
By buying the pink series, you will not only do good for yourself but for others as well. When you buy Bokashi Organko, a set of composters, or the Squeeze Pink package, you will donate 5 € to charity, which will be used for preventive programs against breast cancer. In addition, you will also receive a brochure with instructions for breast self-examination and a nice gift - a pink ribbon, which illustrates the global symbol of the fight against breast cancer.
Let's start taking preventive action! Let’s start appreciating our health and the health of our planet now.
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