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5 zero-waste gifts for every occasion

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Giving is caring. We like to show our loved ones we care about them. There are numerous holidays and other special occasions when we are almost expected to buy presents. And on the other hand, we also expect to receive one. But, have you ever asked yourself, are zero-waste gifts any worse than traditional ones?

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With growing concern about environmental problems, our awareness about accumulating waste is also on the rise. We know that most gifts nowadays are only meant to distract us from everyday problems and that their effect is short-lived. These temporary pleasures all too often end up collecting dust on our shelf and later in a trash bin.

That is why we have prepared a shortlist of zero-waste gift ideas that will present your loved ones with an equal amount of attention while avoiding producing more waste that our planet simply does not need. These presents can be great for everyone, but those who already try to lead a zero-waste lifestyle will be especially keen on receiving them.

Zero-waste gifts - 5 ideas

Plants are great zero-waste gifts

Flowers are already among the most popular gifts for your girlfriend’s birthday, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s day, anniversary, and numerous other occasions. However, for some reason, we prefer to buy cut flowers over plants in pots. However, nothing says sustainability like plants, and you can buy them to preictally everyone, no matter the type of their home - from small apartments to big houses. There is always room for an extra plant that will make the room look prettier and provide it with natural energy and more oxygen.

Natural cosmetic products

Another popular and rather generic present is soaps, perfumes, and other cosmetic products. Why not take this idea one step further and buy more sustainable beauty merchandise? There are so many you can choose from nowadays. They usually come with a special certificate about their biological origins, from bio-based soaps and mascara to lip balms and even zero waste toothbrushes. Furthermore, cosmetic providers increasingly choose to offer these products in ecological packages. Aren’t they just great zero-waste gifts for everyone?

Streaming service subscription

This is one of the zero-waste gifts that will be much appreciated not just by environmentally more aware friends and family members but basically by everyone. Especially in quarantine times, video streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, or HBO have proved to be great companions. This industry is on the rise, and new providers are popping up all the time. Besides the more mainstream options, there are also services offering old classic movies, indie films, or documentaries. Indeed, you will find a suitable one. Alternatively, for those who don’t like to spend too much time in front of the screen, there are also music providers like Spotify and Deezer.

Yoga class

Yoga, aerobics, or any other guided workout can also be an excellent gift for any sports enthusiast. It is also an encouraging first step towards establishing a healthy habit of regular training. In a normal year, this activity presents a great opportunity you can use to bond with the person this present is for. Still, it can also come in handy in quarantine times since many providers also offer these services via the internet. What a better way to get your body into action when locked inside your home than a great yoga exercise?

Zero-waste gift - Bokashi Organko 2

Home composter

Indoor composting is on the rise and it has never been easier to do it. You don’t need to have a big garden to compost your bio-waste; now, you can even do it in your city apartment. That is why composter bins are among the most hip zero-waste gifts at the moment. At Skaza, we even took this item to a higher level and engineered Bokashi Organko 2 Ocean, a first-ever kitchen composter made from recycled fishing nets. Since it closely follows the idea of taking from nature and paying it back, it is even more sustainable than its predecessors. Therefore, it makes a great present for everyone who want to take part in a more sustainable lifestyle.


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