Feb 3, 2021 by Plastika Skaza

8 tips for zero-waste lifestyle

Recycling is the new black

In a globalized world, where economic prosperity is reaching even the most remote parts of our planet and the exponent population growth is demanding a production on a scale never seen before in the human history, there is little we can do to avoid a flood of uncontrolled pollution. Or is it?

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As every other time in our history, where a situation brings us to the verge of sustainability, the mankind always had the capacity to find another way forward - being the unbearable social structure, nonfunctional economic system or unlivable environmental conditions. There has always been another way and we always managed to find it.

As a result of mass population, mass production and mass pollution, a new movement has emerged - a zero-waste lifestyle. It may seem as an extreme answer to what is happening to our planet, but we want to show you that you do not need to be radical, to chip in for a common good.

Zero-waste lifestyle focuses on reduction of our consummation and consequently our garbage. Don’t worry, we understand that manufacturing your own soap seem like a push-too-far and can put a real pressure on adapting a zero-waste lifestyle. Therefore, we have a prepared a list of more acceptable practices which you can start slowly integrating without having to turn your life upside down.

Tips for zero-waste lifestyle

  1. Repair
    Yes, it’s easier to throw it away and buy a new one. It seems like products these days are only meant to last one season before they get broken, outdated and/or out-of-style. Why don’t you take some time and check if your appliances can be repaired before throwing them out?
  2. Keep
    In connection to the previous tip, this one might be easer to achieve. Try resisting the temptation of immediately replacing your phone after a new version gets released. You know, you don’t really need it.
  3. Buy quality products
    We understand it might seem like a good idea to buy a cheaper product and not feel sorry replacing it soon afterwards, if it doesn’t to meet our expectations. However, if you are serious on adapting a zero-waste lifestyle, try also maintaining quality-over-quantity position.
  4. Refuse
    There are so many banal items that we get our hands on every single day. We immediately know we don’t need them, but we still take them just to toss them minutes later. We are mostly talking about cheap promotion material that gets passed around all the time, but there are also other things you can refuse - for example a straw at the bar.
  5. Reuse
    This should be an easy one. Trends of reusable glass bottles and sustainable shopping bags replacing numerous plastic ones are on a rise. Join them! But also look for other items you can reuse instead of throwing them out. Old clothes for example can make great dusting cloths.
  6. Reduce
    We are lucky to live in a world of abundance. But honestly, you know you don’t need all that staff to be happy. Next time when you are buying something out of pleasure, ask yourself - will this really make my day? Reducing also goes great with minimizing food waste. We buy much more than we consume and we know it.
  7. Give away
    In the context of reducing, this one seems like a logical next step. Don’t throw away a perfectly good vase you got bored of, or trousers you can fit in anymore. Remember, one man’s trash is another man's treasure. Look up the nearest charity organization or a thrift shop you can donate those items to.
  8. Recycle
    This one should be an obvious one, but we decided to list it anyway. If all the other tips on adapting zero-waste lifestyle call for a great change in your behavior, recycling is an easy step towards a cleaner planet. Just make sure you sort your trash the way it should be sorted and help your community services archiving our common goal.


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