Jul 27, 2020 by Plastika Skaza

Active summer day with Skaza

Eco-friendly tips & tricks

Summer in Šaleška valley made us wonder how to spend more time outside with our beloved ones. Skaza brings a simple idea for an interesting and environmentally friendly day. There is no need to leave Velenje, as the city allows us to spend our day in an interesting way.
Let's start the day with some quality preparation. Since you’ll be away from home for almost all day, think about how you will manage your hunger. Cut fresh fruit and vegetable and put them in Skaza's bowls with an airtight lid, which will keep the food fresh. The Pick&Go set for the picnic will impress you with its functionality. Both products are made of bio-based material and are completely recyclable. They are drop-resistant, dishwasher safe, and connected by a flexible cotton strap to make them easier to carry around.
When you are ready, take a bike ride towards Velenje Lake, a well-known but still pleasant city attraction. Velenje Lake, one of the largest lakes in Slovenia, with its lovely beaches, dreamy picnic corners and well-kept walking paths is a pleasant place for all planned activities.
Velenje Lake and its surroundings offer several kilometers of trails for cyclists and pedestrians. Try a shorter trail of 2100 m around Škalsko Lake, or simply take a longer one of 3600 m. If you prefer more exercise, try the cycling route around Velenje Lake, which has more than 5 km. Or, even better, take a ride around all the lakes! Great idea to start a day, don’t you think? Exercise in the morning, when temperatures aren’t so high, so you can be able to enjoy a pleasant breeze in the afternoon.
You will most likely feel hungry after this activity, so pre-cut fruit will serve you well. Take sliced ​​fruits and vegetables from Skaza bowls and make yourself a cute picnic on the beach by Velenje Lake. Breeze, great company, warm atmosphere … What could be more beautiful than an environmentally friendly picnic, during which, with the help of our sustainable products, you do not pollute nature with single-use plastics at all?
After lunch, you can enjoy paddleboarding on Velenje Lake. You can rent sup right on the beach. A calm trip around the clean lake will set you free and will recharge your batteries.
Enjoy the beauty of the local environment and spend your days with less plastic waste. No matter how you decide to spend your summer, try to live sustainably – forget about single-use plastics and make sure that with small changes of your habits you change our environment as well.

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