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How to properly celebrate world water day?

Eco-friendly tips & tricks

Water is life, and life is water. It goes without saying that fresh water is as essential to our existence as is the air we breathe. And yet, human beings find themselves in a situation where both of these Mother Nature’s gifts face unprecedented vulnerability. Back in 1993, the United Nations took indicative and proclaimed March 22 World Water Day. It is celebrated throughout the globe with a series of events emphasizing the importance of fresh water sources not just for humankind but also for the entire planet.

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Of course, World Water Day is just another day on our colander and to truly make a difference, we need to protect and save water sources all year round. According to some studies, an average person in western civilization uses 150 liters of fresh water per day. This sounds ridiculous if we know that we only need to consume approximately two liters per day.

Save water, not just on the world water day

Below are some ideas on how you can participate not just in celebrating World Water Day but in genuinely saving the planet for generations to come. As you can see, these are all tiny steps for an individual, but they can really make a difference if we all participate in this great movement.

Infographics - How to properly celebrate world water day

Turn off the water while brushing your teeth or shaving

Ok, so let's start with a truly easy one. Do you really need water to run while you brush your teeth or shave? According to US Environmental Protection Agency, each time we leave the pipe running while brushing our teeth, we lose 15 liters of water. In a 4-person household, where each member brushes their teeth twice a day, that sums up to astonishing 120 liters a day! We believe no further comment is a necessity at this point.

The same goes for shaving. No need for pipes to run all the time. Just fill the bottom of the sink with a few centimeters of warm water in which to rinse your razor. No, excuses; this truly is an easy step towards an environmentally friendlier lifestyle.

Rethink using your toilet

Every day, a toilet is used on average five times by each person. We don’t want to suggest using it less frequently, but there are ways to reduce water consumption in the bathroom. One way is to invest in a new toilet. Older models are not very economical, consuming from 12 to 18 liters per flush. Newer toilets, however, use half as that, which is still quite a lot. Thanks to the technical progress in this field, you can now upgrade to an extremely eco-friendly toilet, which will further lower the consumption by another 50 % or even more.

That said, getting a new toilet is not the only way to celebrate World Water Day. An easier way to do so is to stop using your toilet as an ashtray or a waste bin. Each cigarette butt or tissue you flush away uses several liters of fresh water.

World water day is celebrated throughout the globe with a series of events

Save liters of water by getting a dishwasher

Getting a dishwasher might - again - seem like a significant investment, but in the long run, it definitely pays off. Studies have shown that hand-washers in an average household use almost 13 million water liters over one year, while a dishwasher uses less than half of that (6 million). Is there a better way to celebrate World Water Day than rewarding yourself with a dishwasher and making your home eco-friendlier?

Take shorter/smarter showers

Did you know that a typical shower uses 20 to 30 liters of water per minute? Try limiting your showers to the time it takes to soap up, wash down, and rinse off. Also, even though it is unpleasant, try to turn the water off while you soap up. This can save hundreds of liters of fresh water in one year.

Another way to reduce water consumption in the bathroom is by installing water-saving showerheads or flow restrictors. These devices are not very expensive and can be found in every hardware store. They are easy to install and can reduce water consumption by 50 %.

Animation - How to properly celebrate world water day


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