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Summer time to hang out in nature

Eco-friendly tips & tricks

Higher temperatures, a scorching sun, a pleasant breeze and a smell of summer invite you to hang out in nature with your best friends. Wondering how you can create an unforgettable outdoor summer?

Make a delicious ice cream

You don’t need tons of ingredients and a lot of time to make homemade ice cream. To start, think about a flavor you can't resist. We were tempted by raspberries, but if you are not a fan of them, replace raspberries with any other fruit and follow the simple procedure below.
In a large bowl, pour 85 g of cream cheese and 200 g of sugar and mix them into a smooth mass. Add 350 g of a raspberry puree, 200 g of whipping cream and 2 dcl of milk. Mix it. When the mixture is smooth enough, mix it in a plastic bowl and place it in the freezer for at least two hours. When the ice cream is ready, grab the bowl and take it to a nearby lawn where you can enjoy this delicious dessert.
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Organize a picnic with your friends

There is nothing better than hanging out with your beloved ones and good food. Prepare fresh food at home on a cutting board and leave it in the fridge in some plastic bowls. When you’re ready, grab the Pick&Go picnic set and go make some unforgettable memories.
In the picnic set you’ll find everything you'll need for a picnic, so forget about plastic bags that are extremely unfriendly to our mother nature. The Pick&Go reusable kit is a 15-piece set of bio-based material (made of sugar cane) that includes 4 plates, 4 cups, 4 cutlery sets, a strainer, a cup stand and a bowl with an airtight lid. Your duty is only to enjoy!
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Freshen up with a refreshing lemonade

Squeeze juicy lemons with a lemon squeezer and pour the liquid into a jug. Add some ginger, some fresh mint leaves and water and put it in the fridge for about half an hour. When the liquid is cooled down, grab a jug and cups, invite your friends and jump into the yard. Sit comfortably, lift your legs on the table, lie back and relax with colorful plant-based cups.
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Enjoy the summer as eco as possible. It is our responsibility to ensure a clean and healthy environment in order to be able to enjoy it as long as possible. Be proud of our mother nature, forget about single-use plastics. Skaza's products for outdoor activities are made of recycled materials that ensure quality and long-lasting use.
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