Apr 30, 2021 by Plastika Skaza

The exciting future of a green home construction

Our sustainable future

A green home is a term that has been getting a lot of attention in the past few years. With a growing concern about environmental issues, people are becoming aware that sustainability is the only right step forward. We are trying to implant these values into our everyday life, including making drastic changes to our homes.

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Throughout our long history, people have always shown that we are not running away from troubles. Even more, we proved again and again that new challenges excite us and drive us forward. No wonder that the concept of a green home, when viewed from the perspective of a great challenge, is something we fully embrace. There are numerous wonderful ideas out there that demonstrate our intellect and creativity.

The whole concept of a green home is based on environmental sustainability

The idea of a green home

The whole concept of a green home is based on environmental sustainability and effective use of energy, water, and building materials. However, every designer, architect, or constructer might have a different approach. There are no complex guidelines here, except for striving towards lowering the environmental impact. And that is what makes building a green home so exciting. The challenge has turned into a playground for grown-ups where all ideas are welcomed, revaluated, and eventually used or dropped.

There are different approaches we can take when addressing a green home idea. Some are focused on recycled building materials, while others are trying to implement sustainable energy sources like solar or geothermal. Another group of researchers is trying to figure out how to efficiently place a green home into the environment to make the most of natural features, like improving energy efficiency with sunlight and tree cover.

Where it comes from and where is it going?

The green house building movement can be traced back to the 1970s when oil prices skyrocketed in the United States. As a response, environmentally more aware researchers began to look at other, energy more efficient options. However, the green home hasn’t become a widespread term until about two decades later, when many organizations were formed to promote eco-friendlier buildings.

Non-governmental organizations have long been the major force behind the green home movement

Nowadays, there are many establishments around the world trying to improve consumer’s knowledge and showing them the benefits of a green home not just for the planet but also for their health and wallet. On top of that, governments - especially the Western ones - are trying to help people by subsidizing more efficient materials for isolation, implementing solar panels on their roofs, and other elements that define a green home.

The future is bright

Non-governmental organizations have long been the major force behind the green home movement. Still, in recent years official politics have shown greater support in developing new programs since the environmental threats are becoming more severe. The results of all that support can already be seen, as more than 30% of US house constructs report that as of 2020, green homes already represent a majority of their projects. Similarly, on the other side of the Atlantic, the EU is also issuing directives regarding sustainable construction, which mandates new budlings to have very high energy performance.

The future of green home construction is bright

All and all, we can say that the future of green home construction is bright. However, this will not save the numerous environmental problems we are facing as a society. Every person needs to act green in their homes, regardless of the fact how energy-efficient their house already is. It is hard to imagine that we will all live in a green home within the next generation, but nevertheless, there are still numerous things you can change in your house today to make it eco-friendlier.


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