Dec 29, 2021 by Plastika Skaza

Use environmentally friendly plastic cups during your next gathering

Eco-friendly tips & tricks

Many of us have already implemented some eco-friendly practices in our daily lives, such as using a refillable water bottle, bringing our own produce bags to the markets, or switching our diets to local, plant-based food. But when it comes to organising events such as picnics and parties, we still tend to reach for the easiest and cheapest solution. As glasses are not as practical because of their weight and fragility, in the end, we turn to single-use plastic cups that are harmful to the environment. In this article, we want to show you how environmentally friendly plastic cups can replace single-use cups at your next gathering.

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Ban on single-use plastics takes effect in the European Union

More and more countries, especially in the European Union, are banning the sale of single-use plastics to protect our ecosystems and ensure a safer future on our planet. In fact, this July, the Directive on Single-Use Plastics took effect in the EU, which means that certain single-use plastic, such as cotton bud sticks, cutlery (forks, knives, spoons, chopsticks), plates, straws, and beverage cups for which alternatives are available will no longer be allowed on the market. We are convinced that the rest of the world will follow this example and slowly transition to a circular economy.

Can reusable plastic cups be environmentally friendly?

Keeping in mind the convenience of single-use plastic cups, we have been searching for environmentally friendly plastic cups as a sustainable alternative that would maintain practicality. But can a plastic cup ever be eco-friendly? There are several factors that make a certain product more sustainable than others. Firstly, there is the material, is the cup made from recycled or bio-based plastic and how easy will it be to return it to the production loop. Secondly, the durability factor, for if the plastic cup is sturdy, it will last longer, thus being far more eco-friendly than the single-use version.  

Can reusable plastic cups be environmentally friendly

Plastic tableware that respects the environment

Having all that in mind, at Skaza, we developed a line of sustainable eco-friendly tableware made from sugar cane that is 100% recyclable and can be made in new products. Our EcoCare cups are BPA and melamine-free and therefore safe to use with a wide range of beverages. They come in a variety of colors which makes them perfect for gatherings where everybody can easily locate their cup. What is more, you can choose a personalized inscription and gift it to a friend or a family member who will have a daily reminder to take better care of the planet.

Environmentally friendly plastic cups for your gathering

Last but not least, our eco-friendly tableware Viva 2, made from recyclable sugar cane, is extremely durable, therefore suitable for any outdoor activities, such as camping or sailing. It is especially popular among young families for its bright colors and its reusability.

We are happy to see positive regulations regarding single-use plastics taking place on the EU level, which will inspire all of us to look for environmentally friendly alternatives. Every small step counts, even if it’s just replacing single-use plastic cups on your next gathering for an eco-friendlier version. We believe that commitment to taking better care of the planet and innovative solutions will lead the way towards a brighter future.


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