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Bokashi Organko set

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Limited edition of a set of composters Bokashi Organko PINK is intended for the collection of kitchen bio-waste, which is further used for creating a quality basis for compost and fermentation fluid for watering plants. A set of composters Bokashi Organko is suitable for households with their own outside composter or garden. Bokashi Organko in the pink shade has a charitable aspect. With each purchase, you contribute 5€ to Europa Donna, the Slovenian Breast Cancer Association.

Brand: Skaza Exceeding Expectations
Pictograms: Recycled material , Made in EU
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There are two composters in the set. Thus, the collection of bio-waste can continue after the first composter has been filled and left to complete the 14-day fermentation process. This way we ensure a smooth and prolonged process of degradation of biological waste with the help of bran with effective microorganisms. When the fermentation process is finished, the contents of the first composter are emptied onto a compost pile or buried into soil, which is then turned into first quality compost within 3-4 weeks. Bokashi Organko in the pink shade has a charitable aspect. Skaza will donate 5€ from each sold piece to the Europa Donna organization, which helps to raise awareness of women in breast cancer detection and in research for fighting against breast cancer.


Skaza Exceeding Expectations

Product Line: Bokashi Organko

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Bokashi Organico

We make a sustainable vision of the future look beautiful. To allow others to see this beauty, we refine our ideas to such an extent that they change people’s expectations. We achieve this by using renewable resources, nurturing respect for the environment and always paying attention to beauty.

  • Suitable for households that deposit organic waste in the brown waste container.
  • Reduces the volume of bio-waste up to 25%.
  • Suitable for use every day of the year.
  • Produced from environmentally friendly and safe materials. The product is recyclable.
  • Made in the EU.


  • 2 x kitchen composter
  • 1 x 1 kg bran
  • 2 x lid
  • 2 x tap
  • 2 x draining sieve
  • 1 x levelling trowel
  • 1 x dosing cup
  • 1 x cup for draining the fermentation liquid
  • 2 x stickers
  • 1 x instructions for use
  • Recycled material
  • Made in EU
Baby pink


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