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Circular design of the year 2019


In the MOVECO Innovation Competition "Circular Design of the Year 2019", SKAZA ranked second with the Skaza Coffee Cup project. This competition promotes products and services that are designed with a view to the future, in a spirit of circular economy and sustainability.

The competition was attended by companies from nine European countries. As stated by the director of quality, Polona Tratnik, we are proud of the received prize and we are glad that the circular economy is gaining ever greater importance in all areas. Skaza Coffee Cup is a cup made from sugar cane and is intended for replacing  plastic for single use.

Within the EU Interreg project, MOVECO rewarded products and services that support the transition to a circular economy with a special MOVECO innovation award. With the competition, creative, future-oriented companies and business models from Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania, have had the opportunity to present their products and / or services to a wider audience. 

About the project
The MOVECO project is funded from the Transnational EU Program for the Danube Region. MOVECO  is a project that raises awareness about the circular economy between companies, public and development institutions, economic development institutions and citizens. Twelve project and four strategic partners from ten countries in the Danube area have been involved since December 2016 in promoting knowledge of the circular economy and improving the basic conditions for circular products and business models. The project is coordinated by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia.

About the circular economy
The primary objective of the circular economy is to keep the substance as long as possible and keep it recyclable. However, the circular economy is not limited to the recycling and treatment of residues and the limitation of pollution. It focuses on sustainable, circular use of resources. The main approaches include extending the lifespan of products and their components so that the final recycling processes can be shifted as long as possible to the future and improve processing efficiency. Innovation and research are focused on continuous optimization of processes by reducing the consumption of resources and waste generation. Companies from different industries and economic sectors can apply for the MOVECO Innovation Competition. The competition aims to increase public awareness of the circular economy.