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Do you ever miss moments of peace where you could sit on a comfortable chair with the scent of herbs and plants in the air, while you're drinking a cup of delicious coffee and listening to the hubbub of urban life in the background? All this, surrounded by the sight of luscious red tomatoes, a rosemary bush, a petunia gently caressing your eyes with its colours, and a hydrangea bursting with countless little flowers? Aren't we painting a wonderful picture?

You can effortlessly achieve this oasis of peace on your balcony as well. Let us provide you with some tips on how to do it.
Before you decide on what you're going to plant, measure your balcony, see how the sun shines on it and, based on this information, decide which plants will make your relaxation moments prettier. You can also plant a vertical balcony herb garden which will also provide for a wonderful decoration.
Considering the light and the heat, decide on the plants you wish to plant. Buy the correct soil, some gardening tools which will make your work easier and, of course, the kitchen compost bin Bokashi which will make your task easier since it will provide you with a compost base providing numerous nutrients to your plants.

You can plant annual crops, shrubs, herbs, or maybe evergreens which will make you happy throughout the year. In addition to flowers, you can also decorate your balcony with vegetables that also play an important role. Tomatoes, peas, and a couple of bean seedlings will provide you with shade and make you happy with their fruits when the time comes. Chilis, herbs and salad leaves will make a wonderful addition to your flowers, both with their colours and their appearance. Since you will literally be reaping what you sow, it is important that you consider both your wishes and your possibilities to create your own oasis of peace!