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We at Skaza have made it our mission to offer a sustainable alternative to plastic products, to raise awareness among people of the issues of plastic, and to provide help in changing those habits of people, which are bad for the planet. With the help of top experts, we are making breakthroughs in the area of the state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly plastic materials and technologies. We are proud to present to you the ECO CARE products, which are the result of all our efforts. Created for YOU and the PLANET. To bring you happiness and make your life easier while relieving the planet! The ECO CARE products are made exclusively of organic materials, based on sugarcane or recyclates. Natural raw materials are produced in a controlled manner that prevents long-term adverse effects on the environment. Because we care about the planet. You should help the planet too! Become an ambassador of the environment, an ECO CARE ambassador! Replace disposable plastic with organic plastic, treat it in a sustainable manner (reuse, recycle) and help raise awareness of this among others.

Using ECO CARE, you will get to know the real YOU in your relationship towards the environment. Let ECO CARE become our common mission!



Everything we throw away ends up somewhere. To throw away means only to throw away from oneself. Plastic waste ends up in the atmosphere, soil, seas and in our food! Statistics show us that there is only a 9% chance that disposed plastic will return to recycling. And that every year, 500 tonnes of disposable cups end up in the environment! All the products in our ECO CARE sustainable line are designed for multiple use and are recyclable. Our latest innovation is from sugarcane EcoCareCups, and will keep you company with your favourite drink. One EcoCareCup will replace a lot of disposable cups. EcoCareCups are cups with a character. Choose your own, unique one, that you can also personalise with your own writing according to your inspiration. It will become part of the ritual of drinking coffee or tea, part of the moment where you take a break in hectic everyday life and indulge yourself. At the same time, you will repeatedly contribute to the preservation of the environment. One disposable cup less to pollute the planet.


  • That there is a plastic waste island in the Pacific Ocean in the size of Central Europe? It continues to grow fast. It consists of 1.8 billion pieces of plastic and weighs about 87,000 tonnes!
  • That plastic waste in the sea is changing into so-called plastic soup? Due to UV radiation, chemical degradation and waves, plastic breaks up into smaller particles and enters the food chain, because sea animals consume these toxic particles. Meaning that in the end you can find them on your plate!
  • That the members of the European Parliament have already adopted a directive on the reduction in the use of disposable plastic, and that the vision is to increase plastic recycling?
  • That a million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals and sea turtles die every year due to ingestion of plastic?
Skaza’s green numbers
The use of bio-material for their own brand
Use of renewable energy
Reduction of the carbon footprint in the manufacture of the Pick&Go product


  • REthink: Let’s reconsider plastic and the web of life, which connects us all into a whole. Understanding plastic and the problems associated with it will lead to conscious behaviour. You might also get inspired by watching our documentary WHO AM I.
  • REuse: Let’s decide to buy reusable plastic products whenever possible. If everyone acted on this principle, we would save the planet from millions of tons of plastic waste every year!
  • REcycle: Let’s separate waste and do everything within our capabilities to make sure that plastic ends up in the recycling process again. Thus, we relieve the planet of its burden. At Skaza, at least 85% of all products are recyclates or made of organic materials!
  • REspect: We have to learn to respect plastic – as a material which should no longer be taken for granted; we have to learn to respect the planet and give it a helping “hand”; however, we must of course also respect ourselves and make sure to support our health and happiness, etc. This is the only way to make others happy too.
  • REjoice: Joy and happiness make our life meaningful, complete and effulgent. The best thing is when we just live – happily. With this in mind, we created our ECO CARE collection, which apart from being made according to high environmental criteria also contributes to the most pleasant moments in your life! Moments which you experience with your loved ones, in the most beautiful places in nature, and while doing your favourite activities. Bokashi Organko 2 will bring your kitchen a whole new dimension. Therefore, we are proud to present the ECO CARE collection, which features exceptional practicality, superior aesthetics (RedDot Award for Bokashi Organko 2), and innovations which will amaze you. We always exceed expectations!

Together we protect the environment and live happily!