Choose your favourite EcoCareCup! | Plastika Skaza d.o.o.

Dear human being,
Here is your opportunity
to do something good!

EcoCareCups are indispensable, reusable ecological cups, made of sugarcane. They present no health risks since our organic plastic does not contain any harmful substances, they are environmentally friendly and unique based on their personal character, since you are able to customise your own EcoCareCup with the inscription of your choice. You can choose among several ECO CARE inscription templates or you decide fort he inscription. EcoCareCups create memorable moments when you enjoy your cup of coffee or other favourite drinks, keep the planet cleaner and cause less burden on the environment..

Choose your favourite EcoCareCup! There is nothing better than to do something good for the planet by drinking your favourite drinks from your own organic cup every day.

ECO CARE The Earth is our home. Show that you care. RESPOND NOW!