KOSTANJEVICA ON KRKA | Plastika Skaza d.o.o.


"OK, off we go for a field trip!", I said to myself: I found something fun that will make the kids happy and will also keep my interests satisfied. We're off to the town carried by water – to Kostanjevica na Krki. They've got a public bath for the youngest member of our family, so that I don't have to listen to him go "Come on, Mom, let's go somewhere fun!" again... Before that, we can go see the open-air gallery in the former Cistercian monastery and see some artworks made by Slovenian artists and masters of the 17th and the 18th centuries.
I prepare all we need to enjoy. A couple of snacks, my famous cinnamon coffee for me and for my mother-in-law and, of course, a ball for my husband, my father-in-law and my kid. Even though I seriously feel that the fun is much more needed by the adult representatives of the "fun committee".

The visit of the gallery perfectly satisfied my wishes while the others were running around the Forma Viva; after that, we left for the banks of the Krka River and unpacked the appetizing treats from my super chic collections Pick & Go and Viva. My mother-in-law and I were thrilled with the dishes, while everybody else loved their contents and how fresh they were. "Of course," I said to myself, "I take care of you, which is why I buy products that'll make sure we stay healthy." But, since the "fun committee" was convinced that evil spirits have lured me to the gallery and that I therefore needed a fun counterpart, they pulled me to play and soak in the refreshing river with them.
I admit; it was all great. Contemplating the gallery, fun exercise, and our great picnic.