LAKE VELENJE | Plastika Skaza d.o.o.


During the holidays, friends from the Netherlands came to visit us. We met them last year during camping and we were looking forward to meeting them this year. I prepared an entire itinerary of where I planned to take them.
They arrived on Friday afternoon. We spent the next warm summer day swimming in the Velenje Lake with its arranged beach. As the kids were SUPping, we were chatting and barely had enough time to relay all adventures from the previous year. They could've stayed at the camp site near the lake, but we managed to convince them to spend the night at our place. In the evening, we took a stroll through the town and took them to see our favourite places – and have ice cream, of course. The kids would not have been happy if I didn't make sure they've had some ice cream!

The next day, we took them to the castle museum where there's a collection of African masks. We loved all of the wonders of the past and recent history. What the kids enjoyed most was the mastodon skeleton: "look at it, it looks like a dinosaur!" I smile and think to myself, well, they're not completely wrong. Then, we got enthused with the great interactive museum of coal-mining that actually made me a little scared. Oh dear, we're going under! But our friends loved it; they were surprised with the amount of crazy things one can find in such a small place: "what a beautiful town you live in!"
In the evening, Monica and I prepared a garden party with lanterns and a fire pit where our partners roasted some delicacies with the kids, while we took care of the side dishes in the kitchen. I served food on the plates of the Viva collection which made Monica giddy with delight over how colourful the table was. All the while, my heart was warm. It was a lazy Sunday and we slowly said goodbye. The next month, we'll be coming to visit them! And I'll bring Monica a gift: a colourful collection of cups, bowls, and a jug. She'll surely love it!