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Use the kitchen compost Bokashi Organko 2 and treat your plants to only the best!

Bokashi Organko 2 – For living with nature at home! This new-generation kitchen compost represents the most convenient solution for dumping organic waste. It is impermeable to odours, does not attract bugs, and will help you provide your plants with first-rate compost.

Turn your kitchen into a space of green thinking.

The Bokashi Organko 2 compost, with its sleek appearance, will help you consider the environment. This next-generation kitchen compost is made of recycled materials and belongs to the class of products allowing for a responsible environmental management. When buying the compost, you will also receive a biogenous powder.

Due to its wonderful design you can place it in the centre of your kitchen.

With its volume of 9.6 L it makes every kitchen look beautiful. It provides the most beautiful and handy way to take care of waste where it is generated. You'll be able to collect biological waste in the compost for several weeks without discomfort, right where it is created.

Make good use of organic waste by creating a first-rate compost base.

We can dispose all leftovers of fruit and vegetables, cooked food, small bones, bread, coffee grounds, teabags, withered leaves and remains of indoor plants etc. in the Bokashi Organko 2. Large pieces must be cut smaller to make fermentation more effective. When you begin using the compost and every time you add biological waste to it, you have to sprinkle the new layer of waste with biogenous powder.

This new-generation kitchen compost and its powder containing useful micro-organisms will create an excellent compost base for your garden or potted plants, as well as a fermentation fluid. The fluid is simply removed through the outlet installed into the Bokashi Organko 2. You can use the liquid to fertilise indoor plants, balcony plants or garden plants, or as organic detergent for drains.

Take part in the URBAN GARDEN prize competition and stand a chance of winning a great prize, a MIDI sprout!

Take part in the URBAN GARDEN prize competition and stand a chance of winning a great prize, a MIDI sprout!
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