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WE MEET EXPECTATIONS With the superior quality and development services, we are the perfect partner of the automotive industry. With our superior equipment, the most advanced technologies, and strong focus on customer needs, we are able to meet the highest expectations.


    SATISFIED PARTNERS Excellent cooperation is no coincidence


    We carried out a challenging project which consisted of injection moulding of the housing and the assembly of the mounting device for our client. The entire project, together with the product confirmation and the PPAP approval, was completed in a record period of 6 months! The partner’s satisfaction is supported by the comment: “Other partners, your competitors, would complete such a complex project in approx. 15 months!”


    In the field of automobile industry, we are specialised in injection moulding of components, mechanical parts for headrests and armrests, various holders for arranging the interior, and for front and rear lamp housings.


    During the production stage, we use diverse technologies such as multi-component (2 and 3) injection moulding, gas injection using the GIT technology, over-moulding of inputs on metal and glass, ultrasonic welding, and other technologies. We continually monitor the development, search for and introduce new technologies to ensure successful project implementation.


    We meet partners’ needs with a variety of services, superior support, and responsiveness, and with adequately customised logistics. During development and in other project stages, we include our own measuring laboratory in the work. We provide PPAP documentation to level 5, the approach for complete elimination of errors and other services, which the partner requires. For key customers, we provide professional KAM teams (Key Account Management), which propose the best solution for the partnership challenge.