TIPS FOR A HEALTHY HERB GARDEN | Plastika Skaza d.o.o.


  1. Herb pots must be proportionate to the space available. If you already have space on your balcony for plants, use it; failing that, you can choose larger and wider pots. to plant several herbs with similar grooming requirements to grow together.
  2. Choose appropriate potting soil and fill the bottom of the pot with a layer of rich compost base obtained by using Bokashi Organko.
  3. The simplest and quickest method to grow plants is to buy potted herbs. Buy them at the market or in a garden centre, and plant them into the soil you prepared.
  4. In the garden, herbs have a lot of space to grow; however, as the space for growing plants in pots is rather limited, it is extremely important to plant them wisely. Strong and energetically growing herbs such as mint, oregano and sage, need a lot of space. Don't plant them in the vicinity of sensitive and low-growing herbs such as basil, marjoram and rosemary as they can "suffocate" them.
  5. Most plants grow best in the sun or in the half shade, which is why it is important to choose the appropriate place to put your pots.
  6. The sun and the wind will quickly dry the soil in the pots, which is why it is important to water the plants on the balcony more often than in the regular garden.
  7. Potted plants need more incentive than plants growing from a surface; therefore, you need to feed them with the fermentation fluid provided as a side product of the compost base created with Bokashi Organko 2. Mix the fermentation liquid with water (1dl of liquid per 10l of water) for watering plants once a week or less) and feed the plants with this mixture.
  8. In order to speed up the process of creating new foliage, you must regularly cut the herbs. However, only do so during sunny days and before noon. Additionally, you also have to cut the flowers and prevent the seeds from forming – unless this is what you're looking for!
  9. Enjoy the fruits of your labour!