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6 benefits of KAM team


In Skaza we strive to increase quality at all levels of the company. Therefore, in 2015 we established a Key Account Management teams (KAM) for our most important customers. KAM teams are an extension of our customers within our company. These teams are turning our customers into business partners and are putting our business relationships on higher lever. How? We present you 6 benefits of KAM teams, which we recognized during working that way.

1. Excellent communication.

KAM team is a bond between people responsible for certain areas within companies, which work together. When someone is faced with a challenge, it'sonly a matter of one phone call and on the other side there will be someone who will be able to help this person to find the right solution. Long explanations won't be necessary, since the KAM team member is working for business partners on everyday basis and understands the situation.

2. Speed.

All team member master their fields, so the communication between business partners is extremely fast. Nowadays, saving time is as important as saving money.Resolving problems and proactively searching for new business ideas as fast as possible is the competitive advantage of each company and its business partners.

3. Reliability and security.

Good and fast communicationquick response to challenges and proactive search for new ideas makes us a reliable business partner. Once you can rely on your colleagues you will also feel safe.

4. Experts.

Only the best experts in different fields can offer you the best solutions, for example, 120 experts in the fields of development, technology, customer service, purchasing and production.

5. Customized integrated solutions.

Every day key account management team is looking for comprehensive solutions to client's problems and for the best integrated solutions for new products, that can become client's competitive advantage.

6. Excellent partnership relations.

KAM teams will quickly change the seller-buyer relationship into a trusted relationship between two business partners who support and assist each other so they can be as competitive as possible on the market.