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A plethora of sustainable gifts for your loved ones


A guide to environmentally-friendly and sustainable gifts that will bring joy to your loved ones and have a positive effect on our environment.  

The season of giving is the most magical time of the year. Nothing beats that glimmer in the eyes of our loved ones when they open a present, and the overwhelming feeling of happiness we get from the fact that we have chosen such a perfect gift for them. But, before these moments of joy, many people find it difficult to choose the right gift. The overall impression of the gift is very important, as it should demonstrate the respect we have towards the recipient, while at the same time reflecting who we are and what values we hold dear. It is therefore very important, where the gift comes from, what material is it made of, and what its story is.

Any gift for our loved ones can also be a gift for our planet. Choose carefully.

The pleasure of giving is even greater if we choose a gift that is also good for the environment, has a positive impact on nature and keeps our planet greener in the long run. The Skaza brand products certainly fall into this category.
Go for sustainable green gifts from Skaza that are kind to people and nature, that are made with help of green technologies or from natural materials, that have been recycled or can be recycled after use, that are intended for multiple use, that help you reduce the amount of disposable plastic, that are intended to compost into organic waste, that allow for a zero-waste lifestyle, that improve your carbon footprint and are also delivered in packaging, which was creatively designed for a secondary use. This way, the casing of the Bokashi Organko 2 kitchen composter turns into a flower holder, while the EcoCareCup can be converted into a pen holder. With their purposeful, functional and conceptual designs, these gifts create a new cycle of life.
Not only will you feel like a super hero while shopping, but by purchasing sustainable green gifts and saving our planet with your contributions you will actually become one! 

6 sustainable gift packages from Skaza that inspire us to live and feel green!  
Our top 6 green gift packages are already waiting for you. The colourful richness of our Outdoor Collection made from sugar cane, the handiness and efficiency of our Bokashi Organko kitchen composters and the awesomeness of our customizable EcoCareCup sugar cane cups will inspire their recipients to live a responsible and green lifestyle, all year long. You can find all the suggestions in Skaza's online store. 

BOKASHI ORGANKO 2 + GIFT: Wooden cutting board


Every household generates a huge amount of bio-waste annually. This waste then ends up in landfills where it contributes to the greenhouse effect. This is exactly what the multiple award-winning Bokashi Organko 2 kitchen composter, a comprehensive sustainable solution for organic waste, is trying to prevent.  The Bokashi Organko 2 provides you with a zero-waste lifestyle, circular organic waste management at home, and urban organic gardening, while at the same time it reduces your carbon footprint.  Using a layer of beneficial micro-organisms, the composter produces a first-class compost base for your little urban garden, an organic fertilizer for houseplants and a natural drain cleaner. By fermenting organic waste, the kitchen composter reduces the amount of bio-waste and contributes to a long-term decrease in waste-management costs. The flawlessly designed Bokashi Organko 2 kitchen composter, made from recycled materials does not produce any smell and does not attract insects, while its aesthetically sophisticated design does not look out of place in any kitchen.

As a reward for the environmental care that you have shown by purchasing a Bokashi Organko 2  kitchen composter, we will give you a round wooden cutting board, on which you can prepare delicacies from your little urban garden. The offer is valid until 31.12.2019, visit our Skaza online store to order.

BOKASHI ORGANKO + GIFT: Gardening Calendar 2020 

The ground is resting, but soon it will need to be prepared for a new cycle. If you're looking for help, there is no better gardening assistant than your Bokashi Organko composter. An advanced and functionally designed composter, the Bokashi Organko saves you any discomfort when collecting and separating garden or household bio-waste. Bokashi Organko will transform your bio-waste into a first-class compost base, organic fertilizer for plants and a natural drain cleaner. In addition to organic gardening, its functionality also enables a zero-waste lifestyle, circular organic waste management and a carbon footprint reduction.
So that you don't miss any important date for soil preparation or sowing, we have prepared a special GIFT for you, a sowing calendar, which you will receive when purchasing the composter set. The holiday offer is valid until 31.12.2019. You can find your composter in the Skaza online store. 


Set of 4 cups for the price of three, you get one for FREE. Each cup comes in packaging that can be used as a pen holder
Taking a short break during another busy day with a beverage from the vending machine. A tiny ritual that fills us with peace and restores our energy. But have you ever considered that every time you throw away a cup after your moment of pleasure, you are also contributing to the terrifying global fact that people use as many as 500 billion disposable cups a year? Break this habit, reduce global pollution with disposable plastics as well as your carbon footprint.  Become a user of the reusable ECOCARE CUP from Skaza.  ECOCARE CUP is a creative and original product made from organic sugar cane, free of BPA and melamine. The cups are completely safe for the user and the environment. Their entire production process creates a minimal burden on the environment, they can also be recycled after many uses, which further relieves the environment.

ECOCARE CUPS come with attractive packaging, which emphasizes the uniqueness of the product and gives it a clear ecological context, while at the same time the packaging can also be used as a pen holder. Recyclability has never looked better

OUTDOOR sugar cane sets + GIFT: Cotton shopping bag with a cute message  

Our Lemonade Time, Garden Party and Picnic Moments eco-sets, designed in pastel colours, are made of sugar cane and are a sustainable answer to the pollution of our planet from disposable plastics. These sets are designed for various occasions, from refreshment moments, to picnics in nature, to the best garden parties! By using our reusable sugar cane sets you will reduce the pollution of our planet from plastics, as well as your carbon footprint. You will be able to offer to your loved ones food and drinks from organic materials that are safe for people and the environment, that are BPA and melamine-free and that are light, durable and perfectly suitable for washing machines.
With the Garden Party set, which includes an open Viva bowl, 4 Viva plates and 4 Viva cups, every table will shine in its full glory. The pastel colours of the products have a special charm, which will bring every table to life! With the  Lemonade Time set, which includes a Viva pitcher, 4 cups and a squeezer, your afternoon refreshments with friends will be accompanied by a feeling of a relaxing adventure somewhere far away from your hectic everyday life. The Picnic Moments set, containing a Viva bowl with a lid and 4 plates, is perfect equipment for adventures in nature that fill your heart with love and create the best memories.

When purchasing any of the Lemonade Time, Garden Party or Picnic Moments sets, you will receive a GIFT – an organic cotton bag with a witty message.

Go for green gifts this time, as they will inspire your loved ones to live green all year round. Planet Earth is our home. Show that you care about it.