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An award from the German economy


The German-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce presented SKAZA with the prestigious German Economy Award for the most innovative and sustainable company in Slovenia, thus publicly recognising the company as being among the ten best sustainable, ecological and innovative companies in the world.
The expert committee was looking for a company striving to achieve technological advancement while taking into consideration the social and environmental needs, and promoting sustainable, value-added business strategies for both the company and the society. Every year, the laureate is chosen by an expert committee composed of personalities and laureates in the field of economy, science, and politics: a member of the board of directors of the German-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce, a representative of the Embassy of Germany in Slovenia, Professor Dr René Schmidpeter of the IEDC – Bled Business School and the Cologne Business School, and the past year's laureate.
This is how René Schmidpeter of the IEDC – Bled Business School and the Cologne Business School justified the award: "The economy of the future is based on business models where profit is defined by a positive influence on the environment and entrepreneurial solutions proposed for social challenges. In this field, hope is thus brought by companies that are not holding on to old concepts, meaning pragmatic entrepreneurs developing new economic models that are extremely profitable and, at the same time, beneficial for the society. The company Skaza definitely fits the profile."
The company Skaza is this year's recipient of the German Economy Award presented by the German-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce (AHK Slovenia) in cooperation with the Embassy of Germany in Slovenia and the WISE – World Institute for Sustainability and Ethics in Rising Economies. The latter has been established by the IEDC – Bled Business School in cooperation with three internationally renowned business schools, which also includes the Cologne Business School.
About the award:
The German Economy Award is the first bilateral award presented to innovative companies in Slovenia. Its purpose is to honour the most important technical, entrepreneurial and intellectual innovations of companies in Slovenia.