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Bokashi Organko thrills in new trendy colours!


Did you know that bio-waste accounts for half of all waste in the world? This is an urgent environmental issue that each of us can contribute to by behaving in an appropriate and responsible manner. The innovative Bokashi Organko and Bokashi Organko 2 kitchen composters  can help. They represent the most effective sustainable solution for bio-waste composting and organic gardening, while the use of these composters is simple and convenient for anyone living in urban centres or rural areas. Besides the indispensable functionality, they have a sophisticated and award-winning design, and the colour palette has been refreshed this year, too.

The choice of new colours was entrusted to our users, social network followers and visitors of prestigious fairs in Paris and Frankfurt. We chose olive green and grey-beige as the winning colours. Both are currently extremely popular in the design world, they are also very easy to combine and blend into every modern kitchen. New trendy colour kitchen composters are already available in our online store where you can choose your favourite shade and join thousands of Slovenian and foreign households who are already a part of the colourful zero-waste future.