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Children will run for swimmers with Down-Syndrom


On September 30, 2017, the second charity Skaza run Child to child will take place at Lake Velenje. Children will join their forces and run for a good purpose. All the donations will be dedicated to Dolphins, swimmers with Down-Syndrome from the Velenje Swimming Club. Swimmers will attend the European Championship in France.

Children will be divided into four different age groups and will run at different long distances. They will cross the finish line hand in hand and get a sticker to stick it to a special Skaza wall of solidarity.

All children aged up to 14 years can apply. Adults apply children and pay a fee of € 5 for each child-runner. The amount of money raised with fees will be doubled by Skaza. The donation will be entirely intended for swimmers with Down-Syndrome to help them attend the European Championship in Paris.

We win when we help!
You can apply your children at the run's official website, where you can also find more detailed information about the event. When we work together we can move mountains.