[COLUMN] by Robert Agnič: Focus on the voice of customers | Plastika Skaza d.o.o.

[COLUMN] by Robert Agnič: Focus on the voice of customers


Customers, customers, the voice of customers. It doesn't matter whether this is a B2B or B2C (basic) relationship; we as a product and/or service provider must deliver the best value, design and functionality for our customers. We learned in these past few months that organisation as such must function as a single organism to determine and respond to multiple demands (hidden and/or unhidden). Every employee should ask himself/herself: ‘What is my contribution to business, are my partners satisfied with me, my inputs and the company excellence?’

How to achieve this state of mind?

Values, organizational culture, and business strategy are the main pillars which enable us as individuals to find our own place and meaning in the company’s structure. The next phase is activity planning on a daily, weekly and monthly basis; concluding year-to-date performance; having clear KPIs for a single person/department; concluding and contributing to a main performance on the company level. I'm a devoted recreational triathlete but with no daily/weekly/monthly plan, I would be either exhausted or overtrained in just one discipline, or simply not prepared for the competition. Imagine attending the biggest triathlon competition - Ironman with no previous plan. No way. This would certainly result in a very bad performance either in a single race or even worse not reaching the finish line. As a very determinate person I find it disastrous if the goal isn’t reached.
The same applies to the company – which is a different playground with the same logic; planning, having KPIs, doing what you believe in and enjoying it. Last week’s company picnic made me feel very enthusiastic about our future. Happy faces, living the culture and values, knowing how to perform and how to celebrate success. Now, we must be persistent to reach the next level and go even higher. By exceeding expectations we will continue to have happy and carefree costumers, who will gladly join new projects, and be completely satisfied with our products and services.