[COLUMN] by Robert Agnič: Future looks bright | Plastika Skaza d.o.o.

[COLUMN] by Robert Agnič: Future looks bright


Bam! The mid of March hits us with IKEA stores closing their doors, government restrictions due to COVID-19, other companies in the area stopping their operations, small to medium level of panic of our leadership team…’No way’, I said to myself, we will focus on the right precautionary measures ensuring health and safety for our employees, supporting our customers…the decision is made…
1 week later – Regular daily meetings, upgrading procedures, following the news every single minute to see how the world around us is responding; leadership team strong and stable, employees, who felt anxious, were able to go home, others stayed as they all wanted to contribute

2 weeks later – Our electro customers stable, leadership team works as it’s a normal situation, employees having high level of trust regarding our decisions.
4 weeks later – Many companies restarting their production due to the ‘favourable’ epidemic numbers in Slovenia; we are proud to have made the right decision, everyone is grateful that we’ve succeeded in doing it right and our way. Also, our partners see Skaza stepping higher on the ‘count on us’ scale.
6 weeks later – Governments all over EU starting to release restrictions; now we are all facing things somehow getting back to normal, a kind of recession trend…anyhow, our good work in the past year in sales, marketing, R&D is showing results with the new customers and projects, and we shall shine brighter and stronger.