[COLUMN] by Robert Agnič: Plastic platform start in Slovenia | Plastika Skaza d.o.o.

[COLUMN] by Robert Agnič: Plastic platform start in Slovenia


An e-mail surprised me in April. I was invited to join a meeting regarding Plastic platform within Chemical Association of Slovenia, which is one of the most active sections of Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Slovenia. ‘Interesting and finally some news or a webinar not related to pandemia crisis. Nice,’ I thought to myself.
As a webinar day was approaching, I received a call from a Director of Chemical Association of Slovenia to take over as a head of the Plastic platform. It was unexpected, plus I didn't know what the main activity of the group was. I had a few days left so I said ‘Let's see the topics, who the team members are and then decide’. When I received the relevant documentation, I realized that the story of Plastic platform fits into one of the core areas of Skaza strategy planned for the following years. Wow, it's really interesting how destiny chooses you and connects you with related projects and like-minded persons.
After a month of being in charge and backed up with a great support of all involved, I am able to say that we are very eager and more areas are evolving to be solved. It is obvious that we will not tackle only Slovenian plastic waste issue; now a cooperation with Croatia is starting and we are joining the CPA (Circular Plastic Alliance) - a leading institute for EU strategy regarding plastic in a circular economy.
The agenda is huge and concerns all of us living on this planet, but we can start by acting locally – meaning for the EU to contribute to the worldwide improvement. Happy to participate.