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Company Skaza with a full Family Friendly Enterprise Certificate


Skaza successfully passed the three-year assessment of the basic certificate and yesterday, on the occasion of the International Family Day, acquired the full Family-Friendly Enterprise certificate. So far, 275 Slovenian companies and organizations have joined the certification project.

Aleksandra Logar, Head of Human Resources: "We are proud to receive the full family-friendly company certificate as it is a confirmation of the many years of efforts of the management and HR team, who successfully implemented all the measures and achieved the goals of this certificate. These employees provide a way of work that ensures a harmonious development of career paths, the achievement of company goals and also a quality family life. In this way we recognizee an important motto and at the same time a value of the company in which we wish happy, passionate and successful employees. We are aware of the capital we have in our employees, so we strive for their progress and even greater satisfaction. In this light, in the autumn, we are also implementing the project of a 6-hour work for administrative staff and reducing the production work to 3 shifts. "

In the company, we are aware that success, achievement of goals and the creation of added value of the company are closely related to the knowledge, skills and commitment of employees. Therefore, in the Personnel Development Plan, we are successfully developing the potential of employees in the form of mentoring. We pay great attention to harmonious development of professional and family life, as well as social responsibility towards employees. We are aware that only a satisfied, healthy and motivated worker can successfully perform his tasks and coordinate family and professional life. In addition to the modern working environment and technological devices for efficient work, employees also have flexible working hours and the possibility of working from home. We invest a lot in the additional education of employees. In 2018, every employee on average educated almost three working days, we encourage inclusion in projects, assuming leadership and transferring knowledge between professionals in the company and between generations. Skaza is a learning organization in which we believe in lifelong learning.

We also take care of a healthy organizational culture in the company. There is also a diet available to employees, with more than 10 different menus each day. For their physical fitness and good physical well-being, they can also take care in our fitness studio available at the company's premises. We respect individual family obligations. The employees, however, can benefit from numerous benefits provided by the ŠKD at various providers, from wellness to skiing.