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Cooperation between science, companies and education is the winning combination


Skaza is one of the co-founders of Polymer technology college (VŠTP) in Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia. This year the college celebrates its 10th anniversary and for this purpose they invited different speakers who are connected with the college to talk about the importance of strong cooperation between science, companies and education. One of the speakers was also Skaza's executive director Ana Laura Rednak.

Blaž Nardin and Ana Laura Rednak

Rednak: Skaza is achieving goals together with the professionals who we already support during education

"The reason Skaza decided to become one of the co-founders of the Polymer technology college is because we are aware of the importance of the research and development of materials. For Skaza, being located so close to the college means we don't have to go very far to find professionals of polymer technologies. People with that kind of a knowledge are very valuable for achieving Skaza's high goals we set to ourselves until 2020," said Rednak.

"We are already recognized as a trusted business partner, as we already offer our customers advanced, high-tech development solutions. In 40 years, we have not lost a single customer. As I already said we have high goals, one of them is to become a multinational company. If we want to achieve these goals, we should increase the cooperation with professionals, who also come from Polymer technology college," said Rednak.

Some of the VŠTP students and graduates already work with us in the field of of materials development, technology and quality. We offer them scholarships and they are also able to work at our company as students.

Succeeding in the global market together with local experts

Skaza and VŠTP have a lot in common. With the development and the use of environmentally friendly biodegradable materials and recycled materials we all show respect and responsibility for the nature. Despite the fact, we all already operate internationally Skaza will continue to write the success story together with colleagues from Slovene college, who live nearby.