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Do you love life?


If you have answered the question affirmatively, you are a person who has linked one of the fundamental human values with the desire for life in a beautiful, clean, healthy world, with yearning for personal happiness and fulfilment. We show love to life both outwardly and inwardly.


Today, we are becoming more and more ecologically, as well as spiritually aware. Care for the environment and nature, for a respectful attitude towards people and animals, is becoming a self-initiative of an increasing number of people. Likewise, we have greatly raised our concern for events and effects on our bodies. This includes the food we eat and materials that we use. We observe the world more and more through the widest prism - caring of our own health and the health of our planet. It is an undeniable, deep interdependence. Only on a healthy planet can we live as healthy people.



At Skaza, we have put these thoughts in the foreground and integrated them into a comprehensive communication platform LOVE2LIFE. Love to life.


We try to tackle our deepest hopes and beliefs that sometimes do not have the courage or just do not find the right way to surge. But only sincere and demonstrated love to life can erase the “UN" before the words eco-friendly, sustainable, ethical. For a quality life, we are obliged to keep them in their original, noble, and original meaning. Ecology, sustainability, ethics.


People who love life love themselves and everything that surrounds them. Because of their love to life, they are open, joyful, confident, and freely express their uniqueness. They blossom, shine, dare to spread their wings and fly, and plant what will bear them abundant fruit.


The Skaza brand is the result of love to life

We are therefore developing products and solutions with a deep awareness of love to life. Comprehensive. Both to nature and the environment, as to our users, to everyone. Our products are made only from organic materials that are degradable, which can be recycled, and have a smaller carbon footprint on the environment. Thus, we guarantee our users the highest quality and value of products, whether for their health, or in regard to usefulness or aesthetics.

Love life!

Fall in love with it with all your strength and give yourself the opportunity for your best and most hidden potential to surge. Together, and connected to a great global community, we open minds and uncover paths to make love to life even more colourful, diverse, natural, and genuine.


Viva 2.0 – LOVE2LIFE limited edition 2019

Viva 2.0 products, made from sugar cane, offer 4 new, beautiful, pastel colours this year. Each of them tells its own unique story. We combined them into a set of four cups and linked them with a single message “Made of sugar cane, with love to life”.


Our story is a story of nature and natural materials, products that are unquestionable to the health of users, are environmentally friendly in all manufacturing processes, renewable, recyclable, and made of bioplastics. At the same time, we are making everyone aware of taking care of our planet when buying.


“Blossom”. Pink symbolises a flower and encourages us to open and fully blossom, since nobody wants to live an enclosed, isolated, and limited life. It encourages us to become a flower that blossoms in our beauty of life.


“Shine”. The colour yellow encourages us to shine in our uniqueness, in our full potential. We should not allow ourselves to live in our own shadow, but become the sun that shines everywhere.


“Fly”. A gentle blue colour, such as the blue summer sky, is a symbol of freedom that invites the user to open their wings and fly in unknown spaciousness. Nobody wants to feel trapped and limited. That is why the colour blue allows us to become like birds that freely fly across vast landscapes of life.


“Plant”. Pastel green encourages the user to plant in their life what will bring good results. Our own life is always the largest fruit. The pastel green symbol is a tree of life that shows who we are and why we live on this beautiful planet. The tree of life also symbolises interweaving of all things.


Special attention was paid to the design and usability of the packaging. Each cardboard box carries a special message. To keep you inspired and, at the same time, to take care of a cleaner planet even more, the cover has a permanent useful value – it is a bookmark. 

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