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Exclusive edition of Bokashi Organko for Pink October


Research shows—and market developments and trends confirm it—that people are becoming more and more ecologically aware. Many forms of responsible and sustainable lifestyle are becoming very popular among people and changing into permanent habits. People want to be part of ecological solutions and thus help the environment and ourselves. We care about what we eat and what materials the products we use are made of, as we are increasingly aware of what is good for our health, for our loved ones and for the health of the whole planet.
At Skaza, we are also fully committed to the health of individuals and the planet. We create solutions and products, which help people change their unhealthy habits into environmentally responsible, humans and nature friendly. The Bokashi Organko kitchen composter is a simple and effective solution for organic food production in the home garden and for a "zero waste" lifestyle. It can be used by everyone, those with a house and a garden or those who live in an apartment and have an urban garden on their terrace. With Bokashi Organko users decrease their carbon footprint, reduce the challenge of excessive amounts of bio-waste and in their own way participate in activities of the circular economy. The Bokashi Organko kitchen composter is a product that due to its functionality and purpose represents a sustainable solution for a better world.
In addition to the responsible handling of our own biological kitchen waste, that we put into the circular economy, the composter also enables the production of an organic base for compost and organic liquid for watering plants. It also gives the possibility of ecological, homegrown healthy food. That is why we added a new meaning to it – a much wider dimension of corporate social responsibility for a healthy lifestyle.
Here, we also act in a responsible and circular manner. At Skaza, we throw nothing away. With each surplus material we try to create a new value. This is our exemplary practice, with which we encourage individuals and companies to rely on the solutions of the circular economy and activities without waste. We used the excess of pink dye from the existing production to make a very special exclusive edition of a pink Bokashi Organko composter. It will mark Pink October, the month of the fight against breast cancer. We enter into it with a strong relationship with Europa Donna organisation. Together we strive toward more personal and social health, as well as raising awareness among women in the fight against breast cancer. In this way, we are also joining a strong global movement “Pink October”.
The Pink Bokashi Organko is also becoming a symbol of health and awareness in the fight against breast cancer. But not only that. The deeper essence of the composter completes the fact that Bokashi Organko preventively enables a healthier and higher quality of life. With its use we act proactively as it allows us healthy, organic, homegrown food, which is better for the health of an individual than the chemically produced food in factories, encumbered with transport and therefore less fresh.
With your purchase of the pink Bokashi Organko, pink Bokashi Organko set or Squeeze set, we will form a fund in the form of donations, which will be an important contribution to the research for the fight against breast cancer, the most common form of cancer among women.
You can do the most for your health. Live healthy and eat a healthy diet. This is the most powerful weapon of all the fights against diseases.