Helping young people find their first employment | Plastika Skaza d.o.o.

Helping young people find their first employment


On the last Saturday of the summer holidays, more than 15,000 young people partied at the 13th Party with a Cause in the Ljubljana Tivoli Park. The proceeds from the entrance fees contributed by young people went to the project of employment clubs for young people organised by the Nefiks Institute. New at this year’s Party with a Cause were job postings for young people and Plastika Skaza, d.o.o., was one of the companies to join in this initiative.

The goal of this year’s Party with a Cause was to encourage the employment of young people. The proceeds collected at the event will therefore go to the Nefiks Institute to organise employment clubs for young people in the 2014/2015 season. The aim of these clubs is to help young people improve their employability and make contact with potential employers.

But the special thing about this year’s event was the posting of open positions at 14 companies aimed especially at younger people.

“We are aware of the serious problems that young people face when trying to find their first employment – this campaign will provide 4 young first-time jobseekers with the opportunity to start gaining experience in our company. We will be offering employment in the positions of logistics manager, key customers manager, developing constructer and technologist,” said Laura Rednak, Sales and Finance Director at Plastika Skaza, d.o.o.

“The job postings are a new feature of this year’s Party with a Cause, through which we wish to help young people find employment, since youth unemployment in Slovenia is greater than ever beforeWe are happy that Plastika Skaza, d.o.o., has joined in our initiative and that, together with other companies, we were able to open 18 new positions for young people,” said Eva Aljančič, Sales and Marketing Director at Si.mobil.