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How plastics returned life to Hudson the "railroad puppy"


While searching for positive stories associated with plastics we could not avoid the story about Hudson the "railroad puppy" who was given his life back when Derrick Campana made him a plastic prosthesis that enabled him to normally walk and run again.

When Hudson was 3 months old he was found on the railway tracks, abused and with all paws seriously injured. Veterinarians had to amputate one of his paws. "Because of the terrible experience Hudson was very frightened. He had nightmares and could not trust anyone for quite a while," said Richard Nash, who adopted Hudson.

Richard wanted Hudson to run again

Hudson's story quickly spread among people and he was called the "railway puppy". Richard was looking for a way to improve Hudson’s mobility. While trying to find someone who could make him a prosthesis for the amputated paw, he found Derrick Campana.

Derrick is a veterinarian who uses various plastic materials to make prostheses for animals. He has already helped many animals from goats, turtles to elephants worldwide. Derrick’s company Orto Animal Care makes an average of 200 veterinary prostheses monthly.

There is no easy way to do the right plastic prosthesis

Plastic prostheses are made of high-performance materials, including medical-grade polypropylene and polyethylene plastics, which enable Derrick to make more comfortable, lightweight and durable prostheses for animals and affordable for their owners. Before Hudson got his plastic prosthesis, Derrick made five prototypes.

New prosthesis was the reason for a new start

When Derrick crafted the right plastic prosthesis for Hudson, the dog was finally able to normally walk and run. This prosthesis not only enabled Hudson to walk and run again, it also gave him the life he deserves. It was a new beginning for Hudson and his owner Richard.

Hudson is no longer known only as the "railroad puppy", he is also a therapeutic dog and helps different people face different challenges in their lives. With the help of Richard's love, Derrick’s passion and knowledge and the story of his life Hudson became also a synonym for overcoming adversity.

We invite you to take 3 minutes to watch the inspiring story of Hudson and Derrick.

Source: Plastics Make It Possible