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Interesting Facts About Plastics - Part 1


Plastics is much more than just plastic bottles and other plastic packaging. Plastics are synthetic and semi-synthetic materials that simplify our lives and improve them. Read some interesting facts from the world of plastics. Part 1.

300 million tonnes of plastics every year

Worldwide,the annual production of plastic exceeds 300 million tonnes. 40% of which is produced in Asia.

Ribbons for medals made of 50% recycled plastic bottles

Olympic medals for Olympic games in Rio have been produced using recycled materials. Their ribbons are made up of 50% recycled plastic bottles.

Cars made of 12-15% plastic parts

Nowadays, share of plastic parts represents 12-15% of the weight ofa passenger car.

Polymer vs. human skin

A new polymer can heal itself when damaged similar to the human skin.

Skaza plastic products for 5 million families

More than 5 million families around the globe use plastic productsin their homes made in Skaza.

1 seat cover from over 100 recycled bottles

The legendary Maracanã stadium in Rio has 6.700 seats. On average, it took over 100 recycled plastics bottles to create one seat cover.

Plastic lenses for colourblind to see colours

Eyeglasses specially equiped with plastic lenses allow colourblind people to see all colours.

180 projects to save the oceans

The plastics Industry launched over 180 projects worldwide for solutions on marine litter.

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