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Maison&Objet fair in Paris!


Skaza’s composters Bokashi Organko will be dressed in new trendy colors at the Maison&Objet fair in Paris!

We will visit the Maison & Objet International Trade Fair in 2020 from January 17. to January 21., where future trends from various sectors, such as design, kitchen accessories, décor, textiles and more, will be presented. At the fair, we will display sustainable solutions for an aware and green lifestyle. Our exhibition stand is designed as a special presentation of Skaza's products, which includes video projections, interactive app and announcements of novelties. All that is meant to tangibly round out the experience of Skaza’s sustainable mission for visitors.

The star of Skaza’s fair presentation will be kitchen composters Bokashi Organko and Bokashi Organko 2, which enable organic waste composting, zero-waste lifestyle, circular waste management and urban eco gardening. For the first time composters will be dressed in new trendy colours. With that change Skaza wants to bring kitchen composters even closer to the end users and enrich their user experience. Composters represent to people in urban centers, apartments and suburbs an efficient solution for organic waste. Residents can get rid of bio waste, right where it emerges - in their kitchens. Kitchen composters Bokashi Organko reduce the amount of bio-waste of the household up to 25%, and by this also the carbon footprint. They do not emit any unpleasant odors or attract insect. All mentioned functionalities combined with the superior design and colorfulness of kitchen composters Bokashi Organko truly make them indispensable in any kitchen.

Due to outstanding design, Bokashi Organko 2 has received several prestigious awards, such as RED DOT AWARD for Product Design 2019, Solution 2019 at the Ambiente fair, and BIG SEE DESIGN AWARD 2019. Today, we are fully focused on the development of sustainable products that, with materials, technologies and functionality, present the foundation of this green company. As we say at Skaza:

“Sustainable story is the core of our company’s DNA. We are fulfilling our mission through good practices that keep our planet green and clean. With innovative solutions we co-create a healthy, safe environment that guarantees the best life and welfare for all. In all respects, be it a manufacturing process, the quality and performance of our products or new materials, we strive to have a positive impact on the environment and communities. It is our strong belief that by crating sustainable eco products, we are answering to the greatest environmental challenges. It is on us to take responsibility for our planet, our home and preserve it for future generations.”
MAISON & OBJET is one of the highlights of such events as it brings together many professionals from different fields to enrich our diverse lifestyles with exceptional products. It represents the intersection of creativity, entrepreneurship and innovative solutions. Last fair was visited by more than 76,000 people and 2762 companies from 69 countries exhibited their assortment.

In 2020 MAISON & OBJET is celebrating its 25th anniversary. At this turning point, organizers focused on future trends in consumer behaviour, that are emerging because we are facing many global challenges including environmental preservation, migrations, social network and so on. We believe that nowadays consumer wants sustainable products from brands that care about the environment, brands that are trying to preserve our planet and speak their truth. Therefore, it seems obvious that where people understand that a bright future on this planet awaits us, only if we take care of it today, decided to be part of the Maison&Objet and its pivotal story.

You can visit our Skaza team at Maison & Objet, January 17. – 21., 2020 in Paris.

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