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New Design Reward for Bokashi Organko 2


Skaza's innovative kitchen composter Bokashi Organko 2 wins another reputable design award Big SEE Product Design Award. Awarded by the BIG SEE Institution which recognises and rewards creativity, passion, and business excellence of the Southeast Europe (SEE), and connects the 19 countries of the Adriatic-Ionian, Balkan-Mediterranean, and Danube Region. The award ceremony will take place on 8 October in Ljubljana.

During their attentive research of the innovations, showing the excellence in the field of product design in Southeast Europe, the award organisers also came across the Bokashi Organko 2 kitchen composter which already received several international awards this year. Among the most notable is the selection for Solutions 2019 category – for which only 26 products were selected from more than 4000 applied – at Ambiente, the largest consumer goods trade fair held in Frankfurt, as well as the prestigious Red Dot International Design Award.
The BIG SEE board wrote that Bokashi Organko 2 has clean, minimalistic lines which thoughtfully serve the optimal use of the product in modern interiors. This innovatively designed product is easy to use. Made from recycled materials, it promotes a sustainable attitude towards the environment, and a healthy lifestyle.

Along with the awards, Bokashi Organko 2 also has a high market performance, as it has successfully won recognition in EU countries, as well as further afield. Users say it is a convenient, easy-to-use, and perfectly designed solution for managing biological household waste, for recycling at home, and a tool for creating the base for compost for an urban garden or allotment.

BIG SEE brings together 19 countries and 340 million people. The 19 countries are Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Montenegro, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Kosovo, Hungary, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, and Turkey. BIG SEE researches, promotes and joins creators, businesses, and project partners, as well as emphasises design and business excellence in Southeast Europe.

The award ceremony will take place in Ljubljana on 8 October, at the opening of the Month of Design.