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Our new star


For forty years now, we have been creating a story of success together with our partners. Our aims are ambitious and, based on our know-how, design and usability, we long for exceeding the expectations of all whom we have been working with. We are well aware of the fact that usually obstacles solely come from within ourselves, but we are also confident that we will, with assistance of our partners, be able to reach for the stars. 

Since our performance is well-targeted and our desire is that you, as well as we do, believe in reaching our and your dreams, we are proud to announce our new, future-oriented logotype.

From this day forward we represent ourselves with a star. Its form indicates success and shows dynamics, exactly how the company is living . It is also a star consisting of two elements that strongly express female energy and male stability. With the new image of the company, we set our goals even higher and for at least forty years.

We wish you a magical December, surrounded by stars.  Let the year 2018, along with our help, exceed all your expectations.
Skaza team