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Plastika Skaza: The future lies in integrating technology and nature


Knowing our customers, creating innovative products from environmentally friendly recycled plastics, investing in development and young professionals, constant upgrades, trendsetting, and passion – that is the heart of our company. As our company approaches a major milestone, the 40th anniversary of its incorporation, our CEO, Tanja Skaza, and our Executive Director, Ana Laura Rednak, held a press conference to talk about our past achievements, and especially our vision for continued success in the future.

Ana Laura Redna, Executive Director and Tanja Skaza, CEO; Photo: Katja Kodba

"Last year, we recorded a turnover of €31 million. This year, we expect the figure to grow to €40 million. Our earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) – that is, the difference between our operating revenue and our operating expenses – went from €1.7 million to €2.8 million. Our goal is to become a multinational company that continues to supply the furniture, electrical, and automotive industries with products made from recycled materials," CEO Tanja Skaza concluded. Our staff is also expanding – from last year’s 260 employees, our headcount is planned to grow to more than 300 by the end of the year. We invested nearly a million euros in equipment and machinery last year, and just as much in development.

Customer service and quality are at the heart of what we do

Our orientation is shifting from production to sales, placing our customers at the very heart of everything we do. "Our success is based on our status as a development partner to multinationals, and we do our best to make sure we are the first and last choice of our customers. We make no compromises in quality – not just the quality of our products, but the quality of our entire company. We make our customers and their satisfaction and experience with our company our top priority," CEO Skaza said.

"We are bold, brave, and, above all, responsible. We are growing and plan to continue to develop. We are always looking for new opportunities and never stop moving forward," Skaza added. Our objective for the next four years is to achieve an annual turnover of €100 million.

In doing so, our vision and strategy are key. Plastika Skaza draws a great deal of inspiration from nature, as we believe it to be the best teacher. With that in mind, we believe the future lies in integrating technology and nature. Our mission is to develop innovative products that bring man closer to nature.

The young will shape the future

We co-founded the Polymer Technology College and work actively to help make young people more employable immediately after graduation. Young people are the focus of a number of projects we have planned for this year, which will give them an opportunity to gain some good, realistic work experience and an excellent reference to help them find a job. Among other efforts, we collaborate with institutions such as the Faculty of Economics and the Gea College Faculty of Entrepreneurship and took part in the International Business Hackathon, where a young innovator gave us the idea for a new product called Grow, which we will be happy to use. "We are prepared to make changes, welcome young people, and forge synergies, because what could be better than the young and the more experienced working together? Youth is the key to our continued growth and development. The young are fresh of mind and full of ideas," Tanja Skaza added.