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Rating of the Week for Plastika Skaza


We have been ranked as a company with the best credit assessment of the week. We have been evaluated by the world's leading source of commercial information and insight on businesses Dun & Bradstreet.

Ana Laura Rednak, sales and financial director, provided answers about our business operation: 

  • What is the reason for being rated as a company with the best credit assessment, especially nowadays when this title is hard to achieve?
    In our opinion having obtained the title “Rating of the week” is the result of successful team of workers, who live and breathe with the company and achieve optimum and long-term aims. Innovation, creativity and willingness to work are mutual to all our employees and this is the reason for constant or new success.
  • How did you avoid all the risks?
    We haven’t avoided risks, but we have taken risks, which led us to success and results.
  • Has the lack of payment discipline impacted your business?
    Due to the fact that we are a company which exports the majority of our goods the lack of payment discipline has not impacted us. Abroad buyers are considered business partners and our partners are aware that we can all gain from successful cooperation. Payment on time has always been considered a valuable characteristic.
  • Any advice for fellow entrepreneurs?
    Start changing your vision and make it a reality. Success is only a consequence.