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Skaza hosted the representatives of the Slovenian Government


Skaza hosted Dr. Robert Kokalj, Ambassador and Director General for Economic and Public Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). He visited Skaza during the Slovenian Government’s regional visit to the Savinjska region.

Darinka Pavlič Kamien, Dr. Robert Kokalj, Igor Skaza and Jakob Brenčič
Darinka Pavlič Kamien, Dr. Robert Kokalj, Igor Skaza and Jakob Brenčič

93% of Skaza's production is already exported, but nevertheless, we are looking for new, promising, economically open, and stable markets. These new markets include the USA and Middle East countries such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Iran and the Gulf countries. How to enter these foreign markets was one of the main topics of the conversation between Skaza’s owners and Dr. Robert Kokalj, who visited Skaza in the name of Slovenian government.

Economic diplomacy is delighted to work with companies such as Skaza
The director of Skaza Tanja Skaza emphasized that we expect the Slovenian economic diplomacy to help companies by entering the new markets. Dr. Kokalj stressed that "economic diplomacy is delighted to work with bold and innovative Slovenian companies, which are responsible for cutting-edge solutions based on sustainable development and circular economy, such as Skaza." In order to help Slovenian companies entering the foreign markets, the foreign Ministry set up a number of tools to serve these export-oriented companies.

Taking the first step with some help of diplomacy
Any new entry into a foreign country requires prior thorough knowledge of the market, local people and habits of consumers, in particular, it requires a certain branch network in order to create the necessary mutual trust. MFA can help businesses, in particular, to edit them first acquaintance in other countries, but all the other work has to be done by companies alone.

Skaza is present on 56 markets
Skaza is an innovative, fast-growing, market-oriented European company in the field of plastic processing. We are listed among the 1000 most inspiring companies in Europe. We work together with lead European and international manufacturers and merchants and are proud to have retained the loyalty of all our business customers in our 40 years of operation. Believing in our work, we also offer our end customers our own brand products.