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Skaza on EU Gateway in South Korea


In 2014, South Korea was the seventh largest trading partner for eight European countries. The reason lies in Free Trade Agreement from 2011, that has deepened political and economic relations between the EU and South Korea.
At Skaza, we are aware that trading with the Asian market is extremely important for the growth of the company. We need to broaden our presence and connect with local companies in order to network and meet new partners. We decided to attend the EU Gateway, a fair which was created by the EU export initiative.
The EU Gateway focuses on a specific industry with extremely strong potential for European companies and offers a wide range of business services that make it easier for European companies to attend the events.
For four days, strategic salespeople will present the colours, the values ​​and successes of the Skaza company online. During the pre-arranged meetings, they will meet local companies that represent an increasingly important segment also for the European market.