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Skaza Outdoor - For more moments together


Sustainable lifestyle is becoming the dominant trend in society. We do care what is happening to our planet and how we ourselves live in relation to the environment and nature. We started to live differently, we are learning and looking for solutions. Since we are all part of the problem, we wish to become part of the solution!
We are more demanding regarding products due to abundance
Besides being ecologically aware, we've become more demanding in satisfying our needs. The market has spoiled us with the abundance of everything. Today a product needs to satisfy more and more of our needs: it must be aesthetic and at the same time practical, friendly to the environment and to our health, it must be outstanding to attract our attention and of great quality. Cheap solutions, which are soon discarded, are not environmentally-friendly and not friendly to our health.
Free time in nature and an active lifestyle
Nowadays, we spend most of our time working and fulfilling obligations, therefore free moments have become a “sanctuary” in our lives. We want to be fulfilled, to relax, smile, take care of our health, we want to be creative and innovative, we want to experience something new and, above all, we want to socialize with our loved ones. Active leisure time in nature has become an indispensable part of life in every family. On the weekends, we visit and explore nature, holidays are inviting us to go camping, glamping or taking a campervan trip. Sometimes, however, the most convenient place for socializing and activities is our garden, the green corner of our home.
On the sunny side of adventures
After the activities and adventures in nature, we are all looking forward to the moment we sit together to share and enjoy culinary delicacies. Usually, outdoor activities pretty much empty our energy stores and nothing is better than a shared culinary experience in a selected green scenery. Time for a picnic! Culinary delicacies, the company of our loved ones and a nice ambience represent one of the most fulfilling experiences. A true perfect moment.

Skaza Outdoor collection - a perfect answer to the needs of the sustainably-oriented, active consumer
Conscious consumers don’t want to burden our environment anymore. When we combine a sustainable lifestyle, active leisure time, our need for socializing and the intimate complexity of the buyer towards products, we get the perfect answer in the OUTDOOR collection of the Skaza company. The OUTDOOR collection, which includes the lines of Viva 2.0 and Pick&Go camping and picnic set, is a perfect sum of everything that fulfils the needs of active and sustainably-oriented users, who spend their free time in nature and in the company of others.

The collection presents us with a superb aesthetic experience - whether in its shapes or its colours. It is modern, bold, trendy; it catches our eye and captures our imagination. It is made from a biologically-based material, sugar cane, and the production of these raw materials and their processing represent a minimum potential impact on the environment (ecoBiB). The Outdoor collection products are durable and have a long service life. This is also what they are intended for. These are not disposable products, but intended for the users to “live with” them. When they finally serve their purpose, they are returned to the recycling process to create new sustainable products.
Every element of the Outdoor Collection is carefully thought out and satisfies the diversity of our practical needs. In the development of the Outdoor Collection, we at Skaza took into account the weight, the optimum shape, the durability of materials that are resistant to scratches, flexibility and transparency of its elements, the material's flexibility, its maximum usability according to the different needs and, last but not least, the possibility of washing them in a dishwasher. The Pick&Go picnic and camping set in this segment represents a special innovation of the finished product, which exceeds all our expectations. Durable materials not only allow for long-term use, but they are also harmless to human health and they are environmentally-friendly, which is an important factor in a conscious consumer's choice.

The Outdoor Collection attracts us with its unique distinction. Whether it is its modern designs, its attractive colour combinations or its perfect usability. In any case, it will be always very different from the rest of its kind, even after its sustainable quality, since the products are made from environmentally- and human-friendly material.
Skaza’s outdoor collection supports different lifestyles and different ways of spending free time. It is intended to be used anywhere outside, in the garden, on trips, camping, glamping, campervan trips, ... Together in nature, with nature and for nature!
If you love life in nature, if you love it being intact and its playfulness, you should be accompanied by our communication campaign message of “On The Sunny Side Of Adventures”. And when you are enjoying culinary delights in the nearest meadow in the company of people you like, you’ll think how valuable our message “For the moments we share” is. With both of these messages, we are entering the world of your spring this year.

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Anyway, all of you, nature life lovers, can get everything you need on our website to become recognizable and influential ambassadors of the most beautiful socializing moments and outdoor adventures.