Skaza’s Bokashi Organko composters to conquer Ambiente 2020 with new colours | Plastika Skaza d.o.o.

Skaza’s Bokashi Organko composters to conquer Ambiente 2020 with new colours


After last year’s success of the incredible Bokashi Organko 2 kitchen composter, which received the Solutions 2019 award, the composter will be re-designed with trendy new colours for Ambiente 2020. The Ambiente fair is intended to feature future trends from various sectors, such as design, kitchenware, décor, textiles and others. At the fair, we will present sustainable products as the comprehensive solution for an ecologically informed lifestyle. The expo area has been conceived as a special presentation of  our products. There, video projections and an interactive application will be put on display, and the announcement of something new is set to wrap up the whole experience of our mission towards sustainability.

The Bokashi Organko and Bokashi Organko 2 kitchen composters will be put forward as the central sustainable solution, since they enable the composting of biowaste, a zero-waste lifestyle, circular waste management and urban eco-gardening. For the first time, the composters will be designed in trendy new colours, with which we hope to bring the kitchen composters even closer to customers. They are intended for ecologically minded people in urban centres who need an efficient solution for handling biowaste in their kitchens. With their excellent shape and colourfulness the Bokashi Organko composters fit into any kitchen, while their functionality makes them indispensable. The composters prevent bad smells from escaping, and do not invite in insects, while reducing the amount of biowaste up to 25%, effectively lowering the household’s carbon footprint. Bokashi Organko has already received quite a few prestigious rewards for its exceptional design. Among them are the RED DOT AWARD for product design 2019, Solution 2019 from the Ambiente fair, awarded for best home solutions, and also a victory at the BIG SEE DESIGN AWARDS 2019.
As we at Skaza say:
“The story of sustainability is written deep inside our DNA. We are realising our mission with good practices that keep our planet green and clean. With our innovative solutions, we help shape a healthy and safe environment that ensures the best quality of life and well-being of all people. We put a lot of emphasis on preserving the environment and solving the biggest environmental challenges with our products. We strive to have a positive effect on the environment and its communities in all aspects, be it the production process, quality improvement, capability of our products or the improvement of our materials. The latter stems from a grounded belief that we must take responsibility for our planet, our home, and preserve it for future generations.”
Ambiente is among the most important events of this calibre, as it brings together experts from various fields, the international sales community, and customers from all corners of the world. The fair unifies the global market under one roof. It represents a crossroads of creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovative solutions that presents and forecasts future trends in one space. It attracts about 136,000 customers and 4,500 businesses from 167 countries.


Ambiente 2020 emphasises that the trends of the future are high-quality products that are up to the challenges of contemporary times with sustainable technologies, purposes of use and environment-friendly materials. Skaza’s sustainable products are an excellent match for the fair’s informed guidelines, as the company is of the same opinion that a bright future on this planet awaits us only if we take care of it today.

You can visit our team at the Ambiente 2020 fair between 7–11 February 2020, in Frankfurt. More information you can find here.