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Skaza - the star of the Ambiente 2019


Once again, the world’s largest and most important consumer goods trade fair Ambiente, which will be held in Frankfurt from 8 to 12 February, offers a special category of products, distinguished by innovation and creativity, which make light work of everyday challenges for their users. This is the “Oscars” category of the largest fair in the world, which offers the best solutions recently created for the home. The jury consisting of Mr Sebastian Bergne, one of the world’s most renowned industrial designers, Dr. Claudia Wasser, editor-in-chief of the German Trend & Style magazine, and Ms Kate Birch, editor of Tableware magazine from Great Britain, ranked Skaza’s Bokashi Organko 2 among the selection of 26 exceptional products of this year’s fair. They wrote that Bokashi Organko is an innovative composter which belongs right in the kitchen. Even those who do not have their own garden can get involved in composting their organic waste. The fermentation liquid resulting from this process is an excellent fertiliser for flowers, and the composter is designed in such a way as to prevent the odours which usually accompany incorrect handling of biological waste.


About Skaza family company

In just a decade, the Skaza family company has undergone a complete makeover and turned into one of the most inspiring companies in the EU. Their comment about being ranked among the stars of the Ambiente Fair: “We are creating solutions we believe in and for which we live. Our sustainable mindset is woven throughout each product of our brand. Here at the Skaza company, we started to transform plastics years ago into a material which is made of natural raw materials, and our products are characterised by zero waste management, and a continuous cycle of recycled products ensures recycling and modification of existing materials into new areas of use. We are dedicated to creating solutions which improve the quality and beauty of living on Earth, and we are happy that our mission has also been recognised and rewarded at the Ambiente Fair, where we will be present for the sixth time”.

About Bokashi Organko 2

The Bokashi Organko 2 was officially presented in September 2018 in Velenje, and its simple but efficient use and exquisite design immediately created huge interest among the international public. The presentations will be attended by buyers and the media from Finland, Lithuania, Austria, and Croatia; discussions are already being held with the Scandinavian countries, Switzerland, France and many other countries, where environmental consciousness of the public is at a high level.

About Ambiente fair

The Frankfurt fair devotes special presentations for the selected products, including video projections and presentations of operation. At this year’s Ambiente fair, there will be 4,376 exhibitors coming from 168 countries. Based on the evaluations, the fair will host around 140 thousand visitors from all over the world. This most important world exhibition of consumer goods offers a wide range of events, programmes for newcomers, presentation trends and the awarding of prizes.

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