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Sustainability is deeply embedded in our brand’s DNA


We, at Skaza, recognised some of the biggest challenges the society and our planet are facing and developed a unique solutions to overcome those issues. Not just by recycling the packaging, or not printing the documents, but by investing in new initiatives that challenge the way of how our products are made, how we operate, what materials we use, and by redesigning the brands from scratch, from its fundaments.
We are the generation that has to accept responsibility, and finally appropriate the commitment for the care of the planet. That’s the motivation behind the innovation of sustainable solutions. Skaza’s products are answering the challenges and trends imposed by consumers associated with this commitment. Composters Bokashi Organko for zero-waste households, Outdoor collection with modular picnic and camping set Pick&Go, kitchen accessories Viva 2 made of sugarcane, and EcoCareCups for the reduction of single-use plastic, are only the beginning of our responses to the sustainable development.
Sustainability and authenticity of our brands, that we follow on every level, have a lot to do with the motivators of today’s customers behind the purchase. Our buyers are becoming more ecologically aware of the impact that human beings are having on the environment. What we see today is a major shift in customer buying behaviours. Fact is that our customers are deciding to buy quality products from eco-friendly materials and companies that has introduced the sustainable policy. So, At Skaza we are carefully embedding a commitment to our environment, ecosystems and communities into our brands identity.
It is important to appropriate that change, and show that we genuinely care for the environment. We understand sustainability as part of our company’s DNA. We care for the people, communities, users of our products, that’s why we’re trying hard to live and breathe the care for the environment.

With innovative solutions, green technologies and good practices, we create a healthy and safe environment, that guarantees the best quality of life and welfare for all. To impress you with the genuine experience of Skaza sustainable products, we invite you to our showroom at Maison & Objet fair in Paris, January 17-21, 2020.

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BARBARA KOVAČ- Senior Brand Manager