Teja Povhe Slamar among the finalists for the award Young Project Manager 2016 | Plastika Skaza d.o.o.

Teja Povhe Slamar among the finalists for the award Young Project Manager 2016


Teja Povhe Slamar, Head of Skaza’s Project Management Office, was one of the three finalists for the prize Young Project Manager of 2016 that is presented by the Slovenian Association for Project Management. The award was given to Uroš Kušar of Litostroj Power.

Since Skaza established the project management office (PMO), the communication between all the stakeholders of each project got to another lever. The relationship with our customers became better and everyone can get an insight into the status of a specific project at any time. “The information flow has improved, both internally and externally. This progress, we accomplished with the project management office was seen also by our customers,” said Teja Povhe Slamar, the nominee for the award Young Project Manager 2016.

Optimization of time, money and increased profits
Good project management enables to assign the specific tasks and responsibilities among teams and improves the flow of information within the company and with customers. Due to a greater order and discipline, good project management can also increase the percentage of innovative solutions and shorten the time period in which new products arise. The manufacturing costs were reduced; therefore, the company can also look forward to greater profits.

Project management in manufacturing companies rises
About 78% of manufacturing companies own project management office globally. The percentage grows every year as companies recognize the positive effects of having their own PMOs.