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The brand sets trends


Brands have their own stories
A brand story never finishes with a completed product, launched on the market successfully and on time, to be enjoyed by customers, with suitable media support. A brand story starts on the market. It is a series, lasting as long as we want to keep it active, alive, dynamic, wanted, appealing, useful – for people. The story of the innovative, modular and portable picnic set Pick&Go, made from Eco BIB material, only comes fully alive when it gives its user an unforgettable experience.

What are we eating?
Life in nature is a wonderful luxury by itself. Space without walls, the sky as a ceiling, granting freedom to ideas and creativity. An environment that inspires us to play, to discover news things, to have fun, to socialise, and to chat.
The food gives picnics a special charm. Even though it has to be made simple and convenient because of a different environment, there is no reason to sacrifice its quality, diversity and deliciousness. The opposite, in fact: picnic food can be luxurious in all its colours, originality, flavours, and diversity. Fit for a king, so to speak!

Seven ways to experience a picnic
We understand nature and its pulse. We understand people and their constant searching. We understand our sensual mutual interconnectedness, and that is why we are specialists for life in nature, on a terrace, in a garden, at sea, or in mountains. 
At Skaza, we know our users well. Pick&Go was, in fact, developed in accordance with their guidelines and needs. It is a 15-part modular and upgradable set with all the most often used picnic kitchenware, which can grow with your family, company, needs of buyers or the event itself, due to its modular and portable design and the adjustable band. It is designed for all those that love to spend their time in nature, travelling, or at a campsite. Outside!
However, our goal is not just to develop excellent products. We always want to offer our customers more than they expect – to surprise them. In addition to the usability, design, quality, and lightness of material, we want out brands to allow meals to retain their character, so that picnic hosts can offer them to guests in their most appealing form.
Using surveys, we determined the most popular ways to spend free time at a picnic. Picnic enthusiasts are generally romantic couples or large families; friends who wish to spend some time eating finger-licking good food or lovers of meat-free specialties; barbecue masters, as well as lovers of stylish activities or special wellness comfort. That is why we defined and named the fairy-tale seven most characteristic way of spending free time at a picnic. All seven are presented in the recipe booklet, and enthusiasts of spending time in nature will undoubtedly find the right one for them: picnic for two, finger food, family picnic, stylish picnic, for meat lovers, vegetarian picnic, and wellness picnic.


Pick&Go recipe booklet is a treasure trove of excellent ideas for meals in nature
To make your experience of nature even more authentic, relaxed and carefree, fun and rich in sensory experience and flavours, we prepared the recipe booklet in collaboration with two popular Slovenian chefs and bloggers, brothers Simon and Sašo Šketa. Carefully and thoughtfully chosen and tested recipes are distinguished by the diversity of dishes, high nutritional value, and, above all, suitability of prepared meals for eating in nature.
When preparing recipes, both chefs used and familiarised themselves with Pick&Go in all its innovative dimensions.  They carried and served their dishes using only Skaza products, which complement each other and match other product lines. They agree that, due to its modular and compact design, Pick&Go truly doesn’t take much space in a car. However, at your picnic, it displays its full luxury and provides perfect comfort, functionality, carrying simplicity, colourfulness and diversity in its many combinations.
The Pick&Go picnic recipe booklet contains 21 different recipes, with three dishes for each way of spending your free time in nature. All means include an appetiser, main dish, and dessert or a popular natural beverage.

Pick&Go wishes you bon appetite. Anywhere!
The Pick&Go picnic recipe booklet is available at for all those that love the beauty of nature – accompanied by style, colourfulness and usability – and want to round off their healthy attitude towards the environment in their culinary presentation.

At Skaza, we understand that every brand has to win over and convince the user, in every sense. For some, this means every last taste bud, to complete comfort of good, healthy wellbeing. Pick&Go, with its unique recipe booklet, offers just that. Let us wish you bon appetite with some tips from the booklet: strawberry pie with rhubarb, mackerel spread with capers and chilli, spinach pie with thyme and cream cheese, salad with fried calamari and potatoes, canapés with smokes salmon and goat cheese, chicken shish kebab with bacon, crepes with tarragon, cottage cheese and pears.

Together, the 21 creative culinary masterpieces for the fairy-tale seven ways of spending free time in nature brings the brand and the user closer together, from the very idea, through the fun picnic preparation, to the last bite. And this can last a long time!
Finally, we only have one question: “Do you want to hang out?”
Life in nature is wonderful and always exciting. Enjoy it in style.

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